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Diagonal knot mitts

Vickie Howell
Diagonal knot mitts

Let the two-by-two rib hug your wrist, keeping you cozy. Watch the rib pattern change to a fascinating cabled knot that will travel across your hand. The serene turquoise color will remind you of the ocean, encouraging you to dream of warm summer days. Yarn: Sheep(ish) by  Stitch.Rock.Love/Caron International

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diagonal knot mitts, thumb instructions.
Can not figure out the thumb!!! Please help. What do YOU consider the even numbered rounds on WS rows???? Please respond as I have been working at this for a week.
Response to question
Hi, and thank you so much for your interest in this pattern! The pattern is copyrighted, and unfortunately we are not able to grant permission to photocopy it. I hope you are still able to use it for your class, and we'd love to see photos of your finished mitts if you have them!
Teaching this pattern
I live in a small town in Central Oregon, we have a quilt shop and started to carry yarns. I am teaching classes in knitting and I saw this pattern and the ladies would like to make. I would only have around 3 or 4 people. Can I copy the pattern? I have made 5 pairs for gifts and love the pattern.
Response to question
Hi, and thank you so much for your questions! We are not aware of any errors in this pattern. Before you begin the thumb opening, end on an odd numbered rnd of the diagonal crossed knots stitch pattern. Then, to create the thumb opening, turn to the WS of your work (to begin working in rows instead of rounds) and work the next even numbered rnd of the stitch pattern. As you work the WS rows, you will work the stitches as they appear (knit the Vs and purl the purl bumps). Continue working in rows until your work is the indicated length, then rejoin and resume working in the round on the next RS row. I hope this helps, but please email any additional questions to us at mail@loveofknitting.com. We hope you are enjoying the pattern!
Diagonal Knot Mittens
I cannot make the thumb opening. Are the instructions complete? Help?
diagonal knot mittens
I cannot make the thumb opening either.
diagonal knot mitts
Is anyone having difficulty with the pattern instructions about how to make the thumb opening. Our knitting group can't figure it out.


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