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Funfetti girl’s vest

Amy Polcyn
Funfetti girl’s vest

Bright colors and fun ruffles form a fantastic vest for your favorite little girl. Fabulous mesh yarn produces a bulky texture when knit as a single strand. To form the perfectly matched ruffles down the fr ont, simply separate and knit only into the lower part of the mesh. Yarn: Starbella by Premier Yarns

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Funfetti girls vest
Thank you for your response! I am at the point where the yarn is opened and this is where I am stuck. How is the ruffle incorporated into the garter st row? Am I working with the stitches on the left needle along with the mesh? I am so confused. I tried the link you gave me but it is no longer available.
Response to question
Hi, and thank you for your questions. To knit this vest, be sure you have a ruffled yarn. I've included a link to a video showing how to knit with this yarn. To work the ruffled trim, you will hold the yarn closed and pick up sts around the edges of the vest, then work in garter st for one row. After that, you will open the yarn and work through the mesh opposite the wider tape border. Insert your needle into the next mesh, sk 2 meshes, insert the tip of your needle into the next mesh and pull this piece through the first mesh that is on your right needle. The gauge listed for this pattern is the one used to knit the sample, but feel free to adjust your needle size to achieve the correct gauge. http://www.premieryarns.com/product.aspx?sku=711500P&sk=starbella+yarn+#
Funfetti girl's vest
I need assistance on how to do the Ruffle Trim.
funfetti girls vest
I am starting this vest but I can't get the guage right. It is 10 sts=4 " using #13 needle. I am down to a #11 needle and I still need to go smaller. Has anyone knitted this vest?


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