Fiber hooking kit GIVEAWAY!

If you loved the adorable Woolie Bullie Fiber Hooking Kit we reviewed in the Holiday 2012 Issue of Love of Knitting, we have some exciting news for you – has given us one of these fun kits to share with a lucky crafter!

Woolie Bullie kit 300x168 Fiber hooking kit GIVEAWAY!Fiber hooking is similar to traditional rug hooking, but it incorporates lots of different fibers into each piece to create fantastic effects. I’m especially fond of the fun sheep design on the Woolie Bullie Kit, which includes plenty of eye-catching texture.


The kit contains a piece of linen with the outline of the project on it, making your hooking easy. It also contains a hook and all of the fiber you’ll need to create this darling design.

Woolie Bullie kit 2 300x168 Fiber hooking kit GIVEAWAY!

To enter to win this fun kit (and a bag full of other crafty goodies!)

That’s it! We’ll randomly choose our winner on Friday, April 3rd and notify them via Twitter. We hope to see your retweets – good luck!!!

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Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along – On mistakes

Last week, I decided to use a lifeline as I knit my Cape Cod Shawl. This week, my lifeline came in handy!

CapeCodShawl 200 169x300 Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along   On mistakes

I discovered an error 3 rows back and debated whether I should start tinking or use my lifeline. Unknitting and reknitting 3 rows sounded like it would take about as much time as using my lifeline and reknitting to where I was. The tipping point that helped me decide which route to take was that I had never actually used a lifeline before. I had put them in as a precaution (AKA security blanket), but I had never actually used one… until now!



CCS using lifeline 300x300 Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along   On mistakes


I took a deep breath and removed my needles from my project. Then, I started the tedious task of guiding my needles through the stitches, following my lifeline. It was a slow process, but eventually I got every stitch back on my needles, one by one.




After that, I took another deep breath and ripped back to the row where my needles were.


It was all good! My lifeline did its job and got me back on track, and I felt great knowing that my security blanket really did keep big, bad mistakes away after all!

Funny enough, I made another mistake not long afterwards (darn you, Netflix!). However, I decided I had gotten enough practice fixing mistakes lately, and it was time for me to practice accepting them. This one was hardly noticeable, anyway. I had an extra yarnover in my previous right side row, and when I realized this on the next right side row I simply knit 3 together instead of knitting 2 together.

Since then, I’ve really internalized the stitch pattern and I’m more familiar with the way the stitches should line up. I love how my shawl is coming together, and I’m getting super excited to wear it!

CCS 3.2 300x168 Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along   On mistakes

How is your Cape Cod Shawl progressing? If you haven’t started yet, you still have time to get your kit and join us in knitting this gorgeous project! Will you get the yellow kit or the jade one?



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Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along – Coming soon!

The Spring 2015 Issue of Love of Crochet hit newsstands yesterday, and it’s full of must-make projects! One of the cutest patterns inside is the Fishbowl Beanie, which has colorful guppies hanging from the top giving it a sweet and playful look. This cheeky hat is sized for preemies (12″ circumference), newborns (14″), infants (16″), and toddlers (18″), and it’ll make any kiddo beam with delight.

LOCS FishbowlBeanie 200 Fishbowl Beanie Crochet Along   Coming soon!We’re thrilled that this cutie is going to be our spring crochet along! Plus, we’re offering this darling pattern in a kit to make your yarn selection simple. Each kit contains one skein of Comfort Worsted by Berroco in each of the 3 colors in the body of the hat. This easy-care yarn is amazingly soft, so it’s perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Then, use scrap yarn for the fish to give them a fun and unique combination of colors.


The best part is that each kit has enough yarn to make two hats – maybe even three, depending on the size you make! If your family or group of friends is experiencing a baby boom this year, this adorable pattern will make a fast, fun, and easy gift.

We’ll start the crochet along on Friday, April 3rd, so order your Fishbowl Beanie kit today and be ready to join us in this fun project!

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Love of Crochet – Springing into our new look!

We’re always excited about the release of each new issue because we LOVE sharing the new patterns we’ve been fawning over with our fellow knitters and crocheters. However, we are especially excited about the Spring 2015 Issue of Love of Crochet, which hits newsstands today, because it’s going to give you a sneak peek of our brand new look!

LOCS Cover 2001 Love of Crochet   Springing into our new look!


You might notice that our logo got freshened up a bit without being too much of a departure from the previous one. We’ve also sprinkled in a few photos taken in our new style, and we think they’re GORGEOUS!




What do you think of our bright, fresh new photography? I like how the light backgrounds really make the projects pop! The photos have a clean, modern, and fun feel to them, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Plus, based on your responses to our surveys, we’ll be adding even more technique tutorials to help you learn new skills. Keep an eye out for this, and the final unveiling of our new look, in the Summer Issue of Love of Crochet, on sale May 26th. Knitters will see all of our fabulous changes in the Summer Issue of Love of Knitting, on sale April 21st.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to grow and change with you, and we’re looking forward to crafting together for many more years.

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Charity Spotlight – The Preemie Project

The Preemie Project is a wonderful charity that comforts critically ill premature babies in Iowa’s Newborn Intensive Care Units, as well as their families, by providing handmade hats and booties. The seemingly small gesture of donating a handmade baby item offers incredible support for parents and families of preemies, and the cozy hats and booties help these tiny babies stay warm. The Preemie Project is currently experiencing some urgent needs, and you can find a detailed list of the projects they are seeking on their website.

Preemie Project 300x219 Charity Spotlight   The Preemie Project

It’s important to mention that they are no longer accepting donated blankets because The American Society of Pediatrics does not recommend them for newborns. However, they have put out a call to charitable crafters asking for several cute and quick-to-make items.

The Preemie Project needs

  • Blue hats and booties for baby boys
  • Red, white, and blue hats and booties for their Fourth of July donation
  • Hats for their Christmas donation

By taking just a bit of time to knit or crochet some adorable baby items, you can make a big difference for a family in their time of need. Knitters, the Breath of Spring Baby Hat is an adorable and classic design, perfect for boys or girls. Crocheters will love the quick and easy Fishbowl Beanie, which is sized for preemies, newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Have you ever knit or crocheted baby items for charity?

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Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along – Lifeline

My Cape Cod Shawl is coming right along! I love it when I can see the stitch pattern in a project really start to take shape and come alive.

CapeCodShawl 200 169x300 Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along   LifelineI did make a boo-boo several rows back, and it was not one I could live with. The lace pattern was off by one stitch, and it completely messed up the flow of the design. It’s amazing how much difference a single stitch can make! If I were paying closer attention, I would have noticed my mistake sooner, but that’s what I get for watching TV while I knit.

I should have taken a picture of my wonky lace pattern to share, but instead I got busy tinking. If you’re new to “tinking,” it basically means unknitting, and it’s a slow but safe way to fix a mistake. Because of all the yarnovers and decreases in this project, I did not feel comfortable taking it off the needles and ripping back!


If you ever need to tink (knit spelled backwards) back to fix a boo-boo, take your left needle and insert it from front to back into the stitch below the first stitch on your right needle. That is, not the stitch around the right needle, but the one directly underneath that stitch. Then, push the first stitch on your right needle off to unknit it. Pretty simple!

I tinked about 5 or 6 rows and it took me a good hour or so, BUT I’m happy to say that I’m back on track. However, this little snafu did inspire me to insert a lifeline at the end of every pattern repeat just in case I run into trouble again.

CCS 2 300x168 Cape Cod Shawl Knit Along   Lifeline

That red strand of yarn is my lifeline (AKA security blanket).

To insert a lifeline, grab some yarn in a contrasting color and cut a strand at least a foot longer than your project. You could even cut it quite a bit longer because our shawls are going to grow pretty quickly, and you might not want to keep cutting new lifelines. Then, with your yarn needle, weave your lifeline through the stitches that are on your knitting needles, leaving at least 6″ hanging past your project on each side. Then, if you make a mistake after that point, you can take your needles out and reinsert them through the stitches your lifeline goes through. Then, you can safely rip back to that point without worrying. If your mistake is a few rows back, this may be quicker and easier than tinking. I like to think of my lifeline as my little security blanket!

How is your Cape Cod Shawl coming? If you haven’t started this fun project yet, you still have time to get your kit and join in on the fun! The kits come in yellow and jade, and they make it easy to get the same wonderful finish as the sample. The soft but sturdy cotton yarn is blended with a bit of wool to give it a fabulous texture that really complements this pattern.

Have you ever used a lifeline before? Tell us about your experiences here or on Facebook! We love hearing from you and seeing pictures of your works-in-progress, so drop us a line and let us know how your shawl is coming.

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Love of Knitting in Ireland – Spotlight on textiles and weaving

Avoca is one of the many charming towns we’ll visit during our craft tour in Ireland, and it’s famous for its inspiring handweaving. Being complete yarnies, Jen and I are excited to learn more about this fascinating craft and see how our favorite fibers can be used to create a different type of fabric.

LOK in Ireland 300x139 Love of Knitting in Ireland   Spotlight on textiles and weaving

Love of Knitting’s Craft Tour in Ireland

We’ll visit a family owned textile business that specializes in yarn and weaving, and we can’t wait to see how their gorgeous woven fabrics are made. Have you ever tried weaving? It’s one of the most ancient fiber crafts, and it popped up in many different parts of the world because of how useful woven fabric became.

It seems like once you fall in love with one way to use yarn, it’s easy to get enamored with another method. For example, I was originally a crocheter, but now I’ve completely fallen down the knitting rabbit hole! Of course, I still frequently bust out my crochet hook, but my knitting needles are never far from my side.

shutterstock 104515829 300x200 Love of Knitting in Ireland   Spotlight on textiles and weaving

We’re excited about any method of using our favorite crafting medium!

I hope you can join me and Jen on our amazing craft tour in Ireland and learn from these traditional Irish weavers with us! If you want to learn a little bit about weaving before our trip, Craft Daily has a bunch of informative videos to get you started. If you’ve experimented with weaving or have lots of weaving experience, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Or, if you’re just curious about weaving like we are, tell us what you want to know here or on Facebook!

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Survey Results

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our knitting and crocheting surveys.  We are delighted to announce that the results are in, and we are thrilled that you love our magazines as much as we do.

We heard you say that you want more technique articles and tutorials to help you learn new stitches and techniques. We are thrilled to say that we were one step ahead of you and have a fantastic article on blocking your work in our Summer Issues, not to mention the brand new videos and tutorials we added to our site last month. We will continue to offer these helpful tips and tutorials, and if there is something that you want to learn, please let us know. We want to continue to help you grow your knitting and crochet skills, and the best way we can do that is by offering techniques that you want to learn. Don’t be shy – drop us a line and tell us what you want to learn.

Also, be sure to check out the blocking article in our Summer Issues to get the best results from your knitted and crocheted projects!

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National Crochet Month – Crochet deals!

As we’ve mentioned (AKA been screaming from the rooftops), March is National Crochet Month, a wonderful excuse to celebrate all things crochet! Of course, we never need an excuse to celebrate this fun and fabulous craft, but it’s great to have the entire month to connect with fellow crocheters and gush about notions, patterns, yarns, and other goodies.

Crochet YOY 291x300 National Crochet Month   Crochet deals!

Which block is your favorite?


Speaking of gushing, we have several amazing deals in the Crochet and Knit Shop in honor of National Crochet Month! First, did you know you can get the entire 2014 Year of Yarn Blanket pattern (that means all 12 blocks!) for only $2.99? This phenomenal deal is for a limited time, so grab this collection of skill-building block patterns  right away! If you missed the  Year of Yarn blocks in 2014, they are a great way to practice new techniques while crocheting a unique sampler throw.

LOCB1401 200x300 National Crochet Month   Crochet deals!

Learn the start stitch with the Mulberry Stitch Sampler Scarf!


For another fun way to build your crochet skills, the Skill-building Crochet Pattern Bundle features 3 gorgeous patterns that will teach you clever new techniques. Celebrate National Crochet Month by learning to crochet cables, work the star stitch, or work the half double crochet in several different ways.




Blooming Crochet Hats National Crochet Month   Crochet deals!

Hats for the whole family


Or, since spring is just around the corner, celebrate with Blooming Crochet Hats and stitch up a pretty floral design you can wear all year round. This fun book features 10 interchangeable motifs, so you can mix and match to design the hat of your dreams.



Olive Twist 200 National Crochet Month   Crochet deals!

A great design for spring and summer

Finally, I think we should all use National Crochet Month as an excuse to treat ourselves to something crafty and special, and the Olive Twist Shawl is just that. The unique filigreed looks is created by twisted chains, giving this accessory an ornate look that balances the summery feel of the linen yarn. Both Kathy and I have crocheted this shawl, and we can’t recommend this pattern enough. The best part is that it comes in a handy kit, making your yarn selection a breeze. Choose from 5 classic, springy colors and get your Olive Twist Shawl kit while the deal lasts!


How are YOU celebrating National Crochet Month? Are you learning a new skill or teaching someone to crochet? Did you yarn bomb a public space or treat yourself to some new hooks? We’d love to hear what you’re doing, so let us know here or on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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New Look

Hello Friends,

We can’t wait for you to see our new look! We are so excited for you to see the grand unveiling with the Summer Issue of Love of Knitting, available on newsstands on April 21st. But we want to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of our last photo shoot.

Wait until you see this set with a gorgeous model wearing a stunning sweater – you won’t believe how fantastic our new look is!

photo shoot 261x300 New Look photo shoot1 300x140 New Look





I think most people know that Love of Knitting  and Love of Crochet  are created by the same content/editorial teams. But if you have been a fan of both (like us), you might have noticed that the two magazines are not very similar. I am delighted to announce that with this new design our two magazines finally look like the sister publications they are.

Now for those of you that don’t like to mix your crafts, don’t worry – we will not be adding crochet patterns to Love of Knittingnor will we be adding knitting patterns to Love of Crochet. But for the people like us who love both crafts, we wanted to make it easier to recognize that we are sister publications. We offer the same great content in both magazines, and we know that is why you knit and crochet with us. This change just makes it easier to see the family resemblance.

Remember, you can see our brand new look in the Summer Issue of Love of Knitting, available on newsstands April 21st.

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