Book Sale – French Girl Knits

Books are my weakness.  It doesn’t matter whether the book is fiction, non-fiction, or a pattern book, I love all books. I have been known to purchase a knitting book because I love one pattern in the book, and my knitting book collection is extensive (although I can always find a new book to add to my library). Because of my great love of books I cannot pass up a book sale, and I am delighted to announce that the Interweave Store is currently having a doozy of a sale!

I was first drawn to the title of French Girl Knits and after reviewing the gorgeous patterns, I had to have a copy of this fabulous book. I immediately fell in love with the Louisa Lace Tunic 252x300 Book Sale   French Girl KnitsLouisa Lace Tunic  and knew that this sweater would be my first project.  I found  a fabulous organic cotton and finished this fantastic lace top in no time. It was a quick knit and I can’t tell you how often I wear this comfortable and stylist tunic.






I was also immediately drawn to the Stella Sweater. I was lucky enough to have the scrumptious Rowan Stella 2 300x225 Book Sale   French Girl KnitsStella 1 300x211 Book Sale   French Girl Knitsyarn in my stash and I also cast on this sweater right away, but unfortunately I got a bit distracted before I could finish. I have finished the back and I have high hopes for wearing this sweater this winter, although there are several other beautiful sweaters in this book that are calling my name so I might get a bit distracted (again) before I can finish.






What about you? What is your favorite French Girl Knits pattern?

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3 tips for picking knitting and crochet travel projects

Summer is (un)officially here, and many of us have fun travel plans lined up during the next few months. Sometimes, travel means extra crafting time, which is always a welcome treat for knitters and crocheters! When I’m thinking about which project to bring with me on a trip, a few different factors help me decide which one of my current works-in-progress to pack.

1. I like a simple travel project. Of course, simple is a relative term, but I personally don’t want to think about complicated cables or count tiny lace stitches when I’m on the road. The Stockinette Satchel is an easy knit that will keep your hands occupied but let your mind rest. The Simple Sequins Shawl is another fun accessory stitched almost entirely in effortless double crochet, making it a great project to pack in your suitcase this summer.

2. Speaking of suitcases, small projects take up less room so you have more space for your other necessities (and maybe even another project!). However, I prefer a project that will keep me entertained for my whole trip, so I don’t want one that’s too tiny. Socks are a wonderful happy medium! The Periwinkle Picot Socks are exciting enough to hold your interest but small enough to fit into any project bag, and the Rolling Fog Socks will show everyone that socks aren’t only for knitters.

3. Finally, I don’t want to do any seaming on the road. Sometimes I make my motifs or pieces during my trip and seam them when I get home, but other times I take a seamless project so I won’t have to worry about it later. Seaming isn’t my favorite thing to do, and like I said before, for me, travel projects are all about simplicity! The Seamless Lace Cardi has a special place in my heart and I hope to have it on my hook sometime this summer. The Wispy Willow Cardigan is another seamless design with gorgeous details that will make your travels even better, and both of these cardis are small enough to take anywhere!

What do you look for in a travel project? If you’re taking any trips this summer, we wish you a safe and happy journey! Bon voyage!

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Knit in Public (AKA Craft in Public) Day 2015

June 13th is Knit in Public Day, but we like to think of it as Craft in Public Day! We love seeing your gorgeous works-in-progress, and we want to encourage everyone in our fabulous online crafting community to share their projects with the public in an even bigger way – by putting them online for the whole world to enjoy!

KIP day Knit in Public (AKA Craft in Public) Day 2015

Get out there and craft!


To celebrate Knit in Public (AKA Craft in Public) Day with us

  • Follow Love of Knitting or Love of Crochet on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (see the end of this post for links)
  • On June 13th, use one of these social media platforms to post a photo of yourself knitting or crocheting in a public space.
  • Tag Love of Knitting or Love of Crochet in your post

We hope to see pictures of your works-in-progress! This crafty holiday is a wonderful way to connect with fellow knitters and crocheters by sharing our passion for creating beautiful handmade projects.

In case you don’t follow us yet, here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you find us:

Love of KnittingFacebook, Twitter, Instagram

Love of CrochetFacebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Pi Shawl Knit Along – Ready to wear!

My gorgeous Pi Shawl is off the needles and ready to show off! I didn’t think this could be possible, but I love it even more than I thought I would.

LOK LOC summer0843 200px Pi Shawl Knit Along   Ready to wear!


I bound off my stitches very loosely and blocked my shawl the same night. Lacy projects like this one really need to be blocked to open up the stitch patterns and show off all those decorative yarnovers and decreases we work so hard on.




To block my Pi Shawl, I immersed it in a sink full of water to saturate it. Then, I blotted out the excess water in a towel without wringing it. Folding my shawl into the towel and stepping on it worked nicely for me.

After that, I pinned it in place and waited… Waiting to wear this beauty was the hardest part of the process!

Pi back 2 225x300 Pi Shawl Knit Along   Ready to wear!

Draped loosely for warm weather



Finally, after it had dried, I took out the pins and tried it on. It was love at first wear! I played around with a couple different ways to style it and discovered that it’ll be great in any season. How would you wear it?



Pi front 2 225x300 Pi Shawl Knit Along   Ready to wear!

Wrapped snugly and pinned for cool weather



It is still a bit cool during the evenings here in Colorado, and I’ve been wearing my Pi Shawl every chance I get.






How is yours coming along? Don’t forget to send your pictures to us at and share updates here on our blog! If you haven’t started this fun project yet, you can still get the pattern in the Summer 2015 Issue of Love of Knitting. Then, be sure to share your work with us – we can’t wait to see pictures of your shawls!

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I Love Sales!

If you are like me, you cannot pass up a good sale and the Crochet & Knit Shop is currently offering a 40% off everything sale that I can’t resist. With such deep discounts now is the time to pick up those needles, notions, and kits that you have been eying. And you won’t have to limit yourself because once the discount is applied you can pick up an entire knitting project for the cost of one item. Sales like this don’t come around often and to encourage you to take advantage of this amazing deal, I have put together a collection of a few of my favorite things.

Must Haves!

Needles                                                                                                                               Interchangeable knitting needles are a must for every knitting bag and I love the brightly colored Dreamz Deluxe Interchangeable Set. Featuring 9 different sized needle tips this set is sure to have the perfect size for your next project.

300821 I Love Sales!

Notions                                                                                                                                                 I am always knitting on the road and I cannot tell you how often I find that I am missing stitch markers, scissors, a tape measure or some other necessary notion. Because it can be difficult to make sure that you always have the notions that  you need, my  knit kit is  always in my knitting bag. Filled with every possible notion, including a needle gauge, this notion kit is a life saver!

300579 I Love Sales!

Bags                                                                                                                                                                   I love my JanetBasket Aluminum Frame Basket. The aluminum frame makes it very light-weight and the open top makes it easy to see what is in your bag ensuring that you have your project, pattern, and extra yarn. The handles fold down for easy access to the interior while you are knitting,  plus the entire basket collapses down for easy storage when you are not using it (although I am always using mine so it’s never been collapsed…). Available in several fun fabrics I need to add a few more of these baskets to my knitting bag collection.

NM80553 I Love Sales!

If you love this bag but you are worried about your project falling out, pick up this handy basket cover and worry no more!

NM80560 I Love Sales!


If you are like me you really want to take advantage of this sale, don’t miss this opportunity to get everything for an entire knitting project.

Hat Lovers

Whether you are knitting  your first hat or your hundredth, 16″ circular needles are your best friend for quick and easy hat knitting and interchangeable sets are a fantastic way to quickly add numerous needles to your knitting bag.  The Dreamz 16″ Interchangeable Set300922 I Love Sales!comes with needle tips ranging in size from 4 (3.5mm) to size 10 (6mm), and with so many sizes to choose from you will easily be able to find the perfect size to fit your next knitting project.

Once you have new needles, you will need a new hat pattern and what could be better than a hat kit? The Heathered Happiness Hat kit comes with two colors of yarn and an easy to follow pattern, but the best part about this kit is that it includes enough yarn to make at least 2 if not 3 different hats!



Finish off your new hat knitting collection with a new bag 300139 I Love Sales!and stitch markers300780 I Love Sales!


Don’t let this sale pass you by – use the discount code CAKS 40 and receive 40% off your next purchase.


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Last chance for 40% off from the Crochet and Knit Shop!

I’m a big fan of any deal or discount, but I have to say – this is the sale of the season for crafting aficionados! Today is the last chance to take advantage of our Friends & Family Summer Savings Sale, so take a look at some of the awesome knitting and crochet goodies you can get for a bargain price.


40 300x132 Last chance for 40% off from the Crochet and Knit Shop!


ThreeWishes 800 2 300x200 Last chance for 40% off from the Crochet and Knit Shop!

Three Wishes Dandelion Shawl Knitting Kit

I mentioned the Dandelion Shawl Kit on the Love of Knitting Facebook page a few days ago, but I’m so smitten with it that I can’t help but share it with you again! Can you blame me? Just look at the beadwork! Summer is the perfect season for shawls and whimsical dandelions, so grab your kit today and get ready to make your new favorite accessory. Available in six gorgeous colors, the kits contain the pattern, as well as all the yarn and beads you’ll need to knit this showstopper.


Denise 269x300 Last chance for 40% off from the Crochet and Knit Shop!

Denise in Della Q Knitting and Crochet Set

I love any tool that makes my crafting simpler, so the Denise in Della Q Knitting and Crochet Set has a special place in my heart. With this kit by my side, I’m ready for just about any project. The needles slightly grip the yarn, so I don’t have to worry about dropping stitches. I use circular needles as straights because I find them more comfortable, so this set is exactly what I need.





Sock Yarn Shawls Last chance for 40% off from the Crochet and Knit Shop!

Sock Yarn Shawls

Finally, Sock Yarn Shawls is one pattern book that has truly inspired me. The lace patterns are stunning and all of them are both written out and charted. Sock yarns come in such a fun range of colors, so it’s great to see them displayed around your neck instead of inside your shoes!





These are only a few of the fabulous products available for 40% off from the Crochet and Knit Shop, so head over there now before the sale ends! Remember to use the promo code CAKS40 at checkout, and tell us what you got below!

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Pi Shawl Knit Along – Almost finished!

I’ve started on my second ball of Frolicking Feet Transitions by Done Roving, and my Pi Shawl is nearly finished! The pink and green section transitioned into a yummy bright pink section at the end of my first ball, so I started with the same color on my second ball so the sections match up.

LOK LOC summer0843 200px Pi Shawl Knit Along   Almost finished!


This project seems to be flying off my needles now, even though I’m working with so many stitches in each round.





Pi 2nd ball 2 300x168 Pi Shawl Knit Along   Almost finished!

Just look at all those luscious colors! I’m almost to the green and white section again, and while I love each section, I always find myself getting excited when the next color is coming up.


At this rate, I’ll be finished with my Pi Shawl before I know it! How is yours coming along? We love hearing from you, so feel free to send pictures to us at or leave updates here on our blog!

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Six best Father’s Day knitting and crochet patterns

Father’s Day is coming up, and we’re all searching for the perfect gift for Dad. If your dad is like mine, he’s notoriously hard to shop for. That’s just another reason handmade gifts are the way to go! I have a few knit and crochet patterns in mind for this Father’s Day, but I haven’t quite decided which one to make. Take a look, and let me know which one is your favorite!

Caddy Cables 188x300 Six best Fathers Day knitting and crochet patterns

I LOVE crocheted cables, and my dad loves simple and comfortable clothes, so the Caddy Cables Vest would make a great gift. My dad’s not a golfer, but he could wear this casual and handsome piece to the movies, out to a restaurant, or just about anywhere. Take your dad out for a nice meal, and he’ll have just the occasion to wear it!




Amber ale Six best Fathers Day knitting and crochet patterns


For an even more casual look, the Amber Ale Vest would be a cool layer for Dad to wear when he’s hanging out with friends or family. The hood is a fun detail, and the quarter-zip style makes it classic and comfortable.




Harrison Six best Fathers Day knitting and crochet patterns


If your dad works in an office, a sweater is a fabulous go-to gift. The Harrison Sweater features an easy basketweave crochet pattern and button closure, making it a timeless cardigan he’ll wear for years.




Nottingham 199x300 Six best Fathers Day knitting and crochet patterns


For a knit cardigan, you can’t beat the Nottingham Sweater! Classic cables and a zipped front make this piece an awesome choice for dads of all ages. I like how there’s just a hint of a contrasting color along the edges.




Harbor Vest Six best Fathers Day knitting and crochet patterns


The Harbor Vest is a handsome Tunisian crochet pattern that would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift. The subtle diamond stitch pattern gives it a hint of style without overpowering the simple design many dads love.




Fair Isle on the Fairway Six best Fathers Day knitting and crochet patterns


Finally, if your dad is into color, the Fair Isle on the Fairway Vest will be the perfect gift! Choose your dad’s favorite colors for a thoughtful personalized present he’ll always treasure. As a bonus, we also have a FREE pattern for matching golf club covers!



Which one of the patterns above is your favorite? We’d love to hear what you’re making Dad for Father’s Day this year, so leave us a comment below and let us know!

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Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summer

Summer isn’t officially here yet, but I’m already eager to start some summer crafting. Warm-weather knitting and crocheting are always part of my summer plans. After all, you can’t beat leisurely stitching by the pool or on the porch. Add a cool glass of lemonade, and you have a little slice of heaven! Since summer is all about relaxing and taking it easy, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite summer patterns to help make your search for the perfect project a little easier.

Tahitian Water Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summer

A good cover-up is a summer essential, and the Tahitian Water Cover-up is gorgeous wrapped version with a cool checkerboard lace detail at the hem. The tied straps make it easy to adjust, so you’ll always get the perfect fit. Knit this beauty and lounge by the beach in style this summer.





LOC BeachBonnet 200 Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summerWhile we all love the warm summer sun, it’s important to protect ourselves so we don’t get burned. The Beach Bonnet is a stylish way to shade your eyes while you’re burying your toes in the sand. This cute crocheted accessory is sized for kids and adults, so you can make one for yourself and your little ones.



Double latte 200 Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summerFor the guys, a handsome knit vest is a great way to dress up a plain tee for a party or night out. The Double Latte Two-Some Vests are sized for boys and men, so all the guys in your family will be dapper and dashing. The  stripes add just enough style to keep it interesting, but you’ll love the simple, classic look.



LOC Meadowlark 200 Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summer

The Meadowlark Dress is one crochet pattern in my queue that has a special place in my heart. Just look at those gorgeous pineapple motifs on the skirt! How can anyone resist? This light and summery dress is crocheted in fine cotton thread, so it drapes beautifully and fits like a dream.




Carribean Breeze Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summerIf you’re searching for the perfect halter top, your search can end here! The Caribbean Breeze Halter Top has a smooth stockinette bodice with simple lace accenting the fabric below the empire waistline. This is one of those designs you can wear almost anywhere, so knit this one up and head out for a picnic, ball game, or even a fancy dinner!




Mens hoodie Six best knitting and crochet patterns for summer


Finally, guys love a basic hoodie, and our sleeveless Men’s Hoodie pattern screams summer. The pockets give him a place to put his keys, phone, and wallet, and this fun and casual design is a great layer for fickle weather. If you love this piece as much as I do, don’t get jealous of the guys – there is also a women’s version, so you can crochet one for yourself too!



What types of patterns do you like to knit or crochet in the summer? Tell us your thoughts here or on Facebook – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Pi Shawl Knit Along – The second color change!

I’ve been knitting my heart out on the Pi Shawl, and I reached the second color change this past week! I’m still working on the third lace pattern, and it has been smooth sailing. I’m also still using my checkpoints to help me stay on track, and I haven’t felt the urge to use a lifeline yet.

LOK LOC summer0843 200px Pi Shawl Knit Along   The second color change!Because I didn’t check my gauge (oops!), I can already tell that my Pi Shawl will be a bit smaller than the original sample in the magazine. However, I can also tell that the gorgeous stitch patterns are going to show up nicely. Sometimes I’m too excited to start a new project to bother with checking my gauge. Usually, for me, this doesn’t matter when it comes to shawls, but if you want your shawl to be the same size as the sample, be sure to swatch first!


Pi 2nd color change 300x168 Pi Shawl Knit Along   The second color change!You can see that my shawl currently looks like some sort of bag or pouch, but once it’s off the needles and the stitches can spread out like they’re supposed to, I’ll really be able to see my handiwork. I can’t wait!



Pi 2nd color change 2 300x168 Pi Shawl Knit Along   The second color change!Here’s a closeup of the second and third color sections. I LOVE how the green from the second section is continued into the third, mixing with the pink to create a pretty, mottled look.



How is your Pi Shawl coming along? Have you reached the next color change yet? I’d love to see pictures of your work, so feel free to email them to us at! If you haven’t started yet, it’s never to late to join in on the fun! The Pi Shawl kits were super popular, and they are now sold out, but you can still get the pattern in the Summer 2015 Issue of Love of Knitting and make this stunning shawl with us!

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