Filet crochet patterns and inspiration

Filet mag Filet crochet patterns and inspirationThe Crochet More Issue of Love of Crochet is full of fast and fun projects, and the Stitch Dictionary in this issue, featuring 3 filet crochet patterns, is no different. Filet crochet is such a quick and easy technique, but it can be used to create impressive, elaborate designs. As you work filet, you are basically forming “blocks” that can either be filled in with double crochets or left open by chaining and skipping stitches to leave a hole. This technique is addictive once you get started, so grab a copy of our Crochet More Issue for a more in-depth explanation.


Heart larger 300x267 Filet crochet patterns and inspiration

The 3 patterns in this Stitch Dictionary create modern, geometric designs, all using only chains and double crochet stitches! I’d love to make an afghan using one of these stitch patterns because the fabric would be warm, but the open blocks would allow it to breathe. For now, this helpful article has inspired me to reignite my own passion for filet crochet, and I’ve stitched up a simple heart motif to get my filet fix until I can begin my “someday afghan.”


Cozy Cowl Filet crochet patterns and inspiration


Any of these stitch patterns would also make a beautiful scarf or cowl, and there really is no limit to the projects you could create with them! Once you’ve gotten the hang of filet crochet, make the Cozy Cowl from our Winter 2012 Issue. This easy, filet-inspired cowl is worked in worsted weight yarn, so you can finish it in no time.



Have you ever tried filet crochet? Whether you’re a seasoned filet crochet veteran or an inspired first-timer, the patterns in this Stitch Dictionary are simply irresistible!

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Charity Spotlight – Knitting Without Borders

School is back in session for most children, and many of us are in “kid mode,” gathering up school supplies, packing lunches, and taking memorable photos of their first day of school.

One wonderful way to make a difference in another child’s life is to donate a handmade bear to Knitting Without Borders. Don’t let the name fool you – this fabulous charity donates both knit and crocheted bears to remote villages, orphanages, and hospitals. The impact of this charity is worldwide, and they provide donations to children in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, and South America.

Crochet bear with heart Charity Spotlight   Knitting Without Borders


Include your own kiddos in the project by teaching them to knit or crochet, and have them help you create a meaningful teddy bear for a child in need. After all, compassion and creativity are important lessons to be taught both at home and in school.

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Heathered Happiness Hat – The trouble with ribbing

After selecting the yarn for my Heathered Happiness Hat, I cast on and was making pretty good progress with the ribbing until I looked at my knitting with my overly critical eye. The ribbing is worked in two colors, and … Continue reading

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See it. Try it. LOVE it! – We’ve picked our yarn!

All of us here at the Love of Knitting and Love of Crochet office are excited to broaden our crafting skills as we See it. Try it. Love it! After picking our projects, we’ve been scouring Jen’s office and sifting through heaps of gorgeous fiber to pick the perfect yarns.

SITILI Logo FINAL 300x65 See it. Try it. LOVE it!   Weve picked our yarn!

Jen See it... See it. Try it. LOVE it!   Weve picked our yarn!

Get the pattern in the Fall 2014 Issue of Love of Crochet!


Jen has chosen a delicious, juicy color for her Autumn Entrelac Shawl by Sheryl Thies. This luscious fiber from Red Barn Yarn is going to be a dream to work with! Jen is a pro at knitting entrelac, so she’s hoping those skills transfer over to crochet.


Kathy See it... See it. Try it. LOVE it!   Weve picked our yarn!

Chunky Peruvia Quick yarn by Berroco will be great for a first-time knitter!


Kathy will be using Berroco’s Peruvia Quick for her first knit project, the Palisades Scarf by Christine Marie Chen. She is hoping to give her finished scarf to her husband, and this color is a great choice!



Danielle See it... See it. Try it. LOVE it!   Weve picked our yarn!

We’re loving this color!


Danielle picked Cosma by Berroco for her Charcoal Neckwarmer. She may decide to leave off the buttons, and we all agree that this design would look stunning with or without them. Don’t you just love being able to personalize your own accessories?



Jamie See it... See it. Try it. LOVE it!   Weve picked our yarn!

The Beginner’s Guide to Tunisian Crochet Color Changes in this issue will be my best friend.

I chose two different yarns for my Ocean Breeze Placemats and Coasters, by Sheryl Thies, because I fell in love with the color combination. I’ll be using one hank of Creative Linen by Rowan in Leaf, a rich olive green, and one hank of Modern Cotton by Berroco in Del, a soft and sunny yellow. Since the Creative Linen is actually a DK weight instead of a worsted weight like the pattern calls for, I might have to adjust my hook size and stitch count to get the correct size.


Now that we have our yarn, we are ready to get started on our See it. Try it. Love it! projects. We’ll update you on our progress soon, so cross your fingers for us in the meantime! What do you think? Have we picked manageable first projects to help us learn our new skills?

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Heathered Happiness Hat

This gallery contains 10 photos.

I was very excited to cast on my Heathered Happiness Hat, which is featured in the Love of Knitting, Knit Accessories Issue. Because it is knit with Happiness yarn, a super soft merino wool that is spun and dyed in … Continue reading

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National Friendship Week – GIVEAWAY

It’s National Friendship Week, and we’ve been thinking of the wonderful friends who laugh with us, inspire us, craft with us, and put up with us as we enthusiastically start yet another project without finishing our last one.


Cat and dog yarn National Friendship Week   GIVEAWAY


In honor of National Friendship Week, we are having a friendly GIVEAWAY! Entering is easy. All you need to do is



On August 18th, we’ll randomly choose one comment on each page as our winner. The best part is  – BOTH the commenter and the crafty friend who was tagged will win an awesome prize package! Good luck, and happy crafting!

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Knitting fisherman’s rib

The first time I felt fisherman’s rib, I could not stop touching the fabric. It was so stretchy and squishy, I knew I just had to knit a project using this technique!

The Stitch Dictionary in the Fall 2012 Issue of Love of Knitting is a handy resource for learning to knit fisherman’s rib. This article also explains how to work slip stitch and rickrack rib, and all three types of ribbing are very different from traditional ribbed fabric. Slip stitch ribbing uses (you guessed it) slipped stitches to create a fabric that contracts more than a typical ribbing, and rickrack ribbing features a fun, zigzag appearance. I’m sure I’ll try these other types of ribbing one day, but for now I am completely infatuated with fisherman’s rib.


Fishermans rib1 Knitting fishermans rib

Do you see the pink peeking through in the purl stitches?


As a bonus, the Stitch Dictionary also provides clever project ideas to inspire you to use these different types of ribbing. I chose the cowl pattern as my first fisherman’s rib project, and I am very pleased with the results. I alternated colors every row to create an interesting shadow effect. The fabric is so soft, and the fit is perfect! I am looking forward to wearing my new creation when the weather cools off. What do you think?


Fishermans rib inside close Knitting fishermans rib

The stitch pattern is completely reversible!



Have you ever tried fisherman’s rib, or brioche? These two techniques are sometimes used interchangeably because they produce the same stretchy result, but the method of working them is different. I’ve tried the brioche technique, but I got a bit lost in all of the yarn overs and slipped stitches. I found fisherman’s rib to be a lot simpler, but I know that many people prefer working in brioche. What about you? Which method is your favorite?




If you haven’t tried this technique, get a copy of our Fall 2012 Issue to get started! Then, stitch up a cowl (or the Van Gogh’s Palette Sweater if you’re feeling adventurous), and get ready to fall in love with this plush fabric!

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Second Mystery Knit Along – Resending clue 5

We are making fabulous progress on our mystery project, and we are all a bit closer to discovering what this beautiful design truly is. Clue 5 went out in our newsletter on August 5th, but unfortunately, many of our dedicated mystery knitters did not receive it. We apologize for these technical difficulties, and we will resend this clue tomorrow, August 12th, so everyone will have time to catch up before the next clue goes out.

World email Second Mystery Knit Along   Resending clue 5


Keep an eye out for clue 5 tomorrow, and as always, feel free to contact us here or at with any questions. Have you solved the mystery yet?

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Tunic sweaters knit in worsted weight yarn!

While I relish the long, carefree days of summer, I am also looking forward to crisp fall weather. Personally, fall fashion is one of the main reasons I love this season. It’s cool enough to wear a knit scarf or cowl, and you can show of a handmade sweater without throwing a coat over it! Tunic-length sweaters are a mainstay in my fall wardrobe because they are so easy to layer and they look great on everybody. Wear one over leggings if it isn’t too chilly, or pair one with jeans and a warm hat when it’s blustery out. You really can’t go wrong.

JCL LOK 140428 1207 200px Tunic sweaters knit in worsted weight yarn!

The Fall 2014 Issue of Love of Knitting features several long sweaters knit in worsted weight yarn, so they are quicker to knit than you’d think! I’m completely smitten with the buttons and cowl-neck on the Bellevue Tunic. The A-line shape gives it a look that is both polished and comfy, and the sparkly Glisten yarn by Kolláge makes it extra special.




DSC3490 200px 185x300 Tunic sweaters knit in worsted weight yarn!I can’t resist an easy stitch pattern that offers incredible texture, so I definitely have my eye on the Gainesboro Tunic. The textured pattern is alternated with stockinette, forming flattering vertical lines. My favorite part of this stunning sweater is the keyhole detail on the front neck. I think I have the perfect button for my tunic, so now all I need to do is decide on a color for my yarn.



JCL LOK 140428 1453 2 200px Tunic sweaters knit in worsted weight yarn!


The Chocolate Vest is an easy-to-make garment with major wow-factor. Simple stockinette fabric and classic ribbed trim make this piece a great option for first-time garment knitters. Layer this vest over a long-sleeved tee and some slim jeans for an effortlessly stylish ensemble. I’d wear this beauty with riding boots, so that means I’d need some fun boot cuffs to put the finishing touch on this dreamy outfit.



I’m super excited about these three tunics, and I can’t wait to add one (or all!) of them to my fall wardrobe. What are your favorite knit items to wear in fall? Are you crazy for cowls, or are you a sucker for scarves, socks, or hats?

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Coming soon – One Hour Cowl Crochet Along!

Don’t you just love quick projects that make a big impact? The One Hour Cowl from our special Crochet More Issue is one of those easy accessories that can transform any outfit from basic to beautiful!

One Hour Cowl 800px 200x300 Coming soon   One Hour Cowl Crochet Along!

Kathy’s cowl in Meadow


I fell for this design the first time I saw the sample, and I immediately put it at the top of my list of “someday projects.” This incredibly soft cowl was designed by Kathy, our art director, and she was amazed at how quickly it worked up. Although she didn’t time herself with a stopwatch as she made it (although that actually sounds like fun!), she estimated that it only took about an hour to crochet.




I’m inviting you to make the One Hour Cowl with me as our next crochet along! This accessory is a great example of the quick yet stylish projects in our Crochet More Issue, and it’s going to be a blast to make. Since I’m in lazy summer crafting mode, I’ll be taking it slowly and savoring each part of the process. However, if you are in the mood for a speedy project (or a speed-crocheting competition, anyone?), I would be THRILLED to see exactly how long it takes you to make this beauty!

Whether you are going to take your time or race to the finish, get your One Hour Cowl kit today so you’ll be all set to join me. It would be tough to find the yarn alone for the price of the kit, so this is a great project for budget-conscious crafters.


LOC1320.CIN 1 300x300 Coming soon   One Hour Cowl Crochet Along!

My color choice – Cinnamon

The Chunky yarn by Misti Alpaca is so luxurious, you simple have to feel it. The six color choices range from versatile neutrals to fun brights, so there is a color for every crocheter. Kathy used Meadow for the original sample, and I’ve chosen Cinnamon for my cowl because I’m a sucker for this rich burgundy tone. The kits come with the pattern and 2 skeins of Chunky by Misti Alpaca, which is everything you need to make this easy design.



We’re starting our crochet along on Friday, August 22nd, and I can’t wait to wear my One Hour Cowl! Which color kit are you getting?

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