The Ultimate Yarn Giveaway

I Love Yarn Day Giveaway Resized5 150x150 The Ultimate Yarn GiveawayTo celebrate I Love Yarn Day, we’re giving away tons of yarn. We’ll be shipping out free goody boxes full of colorful, soft yarn for you to keep.

Best of all, we’ll include a surprise gift of one of the products we’ve recently reviewed in our magazines as well! Don’t you just love surprises (the good kind, at least)?

Here’s How to Enter:

1.)    Follow Love of Knitting on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Or you can follow Love of Crochet on Facebook.

2.)    Share a link to this giveaway on Facebook or tweet a link to your followers on Twitter. Or you can pin one of your favorite patterns or yarn reviews from our website.

3.)    Leave a comment below so we can reach you if you win! Let us know which social media outlet you chose and how you helped spread the word.

We’ll select winners on I Love Yarn Day on Friday, October 12th!

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442 Responses to The Ultimate Yarn Giveaway

  1. jennifer bailey says:

    My fave knitting mag! Only problem is it feeds into my project start-itis. Is there a rehab program for that?

    • Christine Bertin says:

      I am soooooooo addicted to yarn and I sooooooo don’t care!!!
      Shared your posting on my facebook!!!

    • I knit for charity and for others, not too often I can knit for myself. If I won this yarn, I would make something for myself for a change. I love the magazine and purchase it usually at AC Moore or Michaels.


      I hate to loan this magazine to a friend, it comes back split open where they ‘borrowed’. Truly the best for well written patterns!

    • Connie Siler says:

      I LOVE to crochet and make Blankets and throws ,potholders! I Donate to Charities for missions that need them for churches and give for Gifts as well. I truely love to Crochet it keeps me busy and I love your Wesite..I Love to get New ideas , it just helps keep me busy..Thank You and God Bless!

      • Connie Siler says:

        I would Love to Win because I really need new Yarn because of giving Donations and gifts for Christmas coming up..Thank You so much..

        • Connie Siler says:

          I donated several blankets at the first of the year for a Mission from the Congo Of Africa.. And I just love to give and help out..I also Bead jewelry as well and made several bracelets and I Write Poetry as well to encourage others.. Thanks again..

      • Susan Graham says:

        I would love to win some yarn because I have a grandson and a niece or nephew due in February and April and need to make blankets and baby clothes for them. I would also like to make some accessories for my two granddaughters as well. Thank you.

    • Roxanne Shappell says:

      I love yarn! And the great ideas in this mag.

    • Patricia Oliver says:

      I sure could use that progam :)

    • Willi Cotton says:

      Just love all of the yarn info and patterns.

    • Clara Stoner says:

      I hope I am doing this correctly! Not only did I share this on my Facebook account, I sent it to all my “Yarny” friends on their Facebook account! Love this! Who doesn’t love free yarn! And especially when it’s this beautiful!

  2. Molly says:

    Happy I Love Yarn Day! I shared this on Facebook.

  3. Susan Harris-Rohde says:

    E-mail me if I win please! I need new yarn for Holiday presents!

  4. Kelly Lee Bennett says:

    I love yarn, I love knitting, I love crochet and ……..I hope I win some delicious yarn !!!


  5. Lauren Seidl says:

    What a great give away – I pinned your article about the coffee cozies on Pinterest!

  6. jennifer bailey says:

    Oh, and I share all your FB posts on both my personal & our knitting group page (the Knitterati) :0)

  7. Sharon Blosch says:

    I love that there’s an “I Love Yarn Day”! At least one day a year to say there’s a reason for all the yarn I have stashed everywhere

  8. Loni Holt says:

    I shared on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest :)

  9. Sandy Huff says:

    Love Love of Knitting. I shared the link on Facebook and liked the page!

  10. Pearl Sumpter says:

    There’s really an I Love Yarn Day? Woohoo! I’d love to help celebrate with a win!!

  11. Anne Krebs says:

    Exciting ideas for new projects!

  12. Carol Hurt says:

    Awesome of you to give us free yarn!! Thanks a whole bunch.

  13. debbie little says:

    Oh my! I love knitting and crochet. I am currently working on christmas gifts for family. Next …blankets for 2 baby boys and at the first of the year I want to start a personal charity challange!

  14. Patti Stankovich says:

    You can NEVER have enough yarn :)

  15. Mad about yarn, crazy about knitting!! Love your blog. Here’s hoping to win!!


  16. P.S. Oops! I shared this on FB!!

  17. Melanie Walker says:

    Shared on both facebook and twitter! :D

  18. Kelly Reilly says:

    Happy I Love Yarn Day! I love yarn 365 days a year and I shared your link on Facebook.

  19. Marti Bush says:

    Pick me! I love yarn and knitting! And your magazine!

  20. Vickie Belcher says:

    I “liked” Love of Knitting some time ago (not just because of the giveaway) and have followed for some time. Today I have shared the giveaway because I would like to think that if I didn’t win, then some of my friends will and I have also told my buddies on Knitting Paradise about the giveway.


  21. Cheryl Jacobo says:

    I love knitting and yarn!

  22. Polly says:

    Shared on Facebook! I already follow you on FB and Pinterest and enjoy a mag subscription. Thanks so much!

  23. Linda Morgan says:

    Sharing on Facebook for with my many knitting and crocheting friends.

  24. Christine Bertin says:

    Everyday is I Love Yarn Day!!!!

  25. Nan Ziegler says:

    love yarn, huge stash. looking for support group!!!! shared on FB!!!!

  26. Joann Johnson-Grubbs says:

    I’ve tweeted it and shared it on FB……I also follow y’all on Pinterest

  27. Susan Oelke says:

    I share your FB page with our knitting guild, and the spinning guild I belong to, and will also take your magazine to these groups for everyone to see. Many of the ladies are so amazed at how I can look through a magazine and see something that looks like what they would either like to make or like to wear. I love your magazine.

  28. Matt says:

    Please contact me through email, I just started following on facebook.

  29. Yolanda Metcalf says:

    Well it’s about time! Now all we have to do is make it a national holiday. I shared the give away on my facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Linda McCreary says:

    Am so addicted to knitting and all the colors available to use these days. I have a good time coming up with new combinations of colors and buttons to go with those colors.

  31. Cathy MacGillivray says:

    would love to win this :) awesome gift for one of us ………good luck to everyone :)

  32. Nancy Kenyon says:

    One can never enough yarn!!!

  33. Staci Powell says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  34. Cynthia Greer says:

    I love yarn!

  35. Jehna says:

    I entered via facebook, shared, and liked

  36. Ann Leonard says:

    Shared on Facebook. Good luck everyone.

  37. Ellie Hortin says:

    If I win this lovely prize, please will you send it in lots of plain brown envelopes, so my husband doesn’t realise I am bringing more yarn into the house – my stash is quite extensive, but I would love to have these beautiful yarns!

  38. Miz Gala says:

    Facebook and Pinterest.

  39. Miranda Owens says:

    I shared on Facebook.

  40. Kathy Hall says:

    I shared on Facebook!! Love mag and love giveaways!!!!

  41. Eileen Baird says:

    after surviving a heart attack i was advised to slow down a little, so i went back to doing some knitting,, i cant begin to say how relaxing i find this past time, also i stick to simple patterns so theres no frogging or tinking to do,, to win some yarn would certainly make my day,week,month etc,, happy knitting

  42. Laura in MI says:

    I plastered this giveaway at twitter, pinterest and facebook! I would love some free yarn!

  43. Dawn Marie Scheetz Schulte says:

    How exciting! I would love some new yarn! Lots of Christmas projects started already!

  44. I so love a good “giveaway”… I am thrilled to have followed all your connections – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter et al… I love knitting and it is therapeutic for me. I hope I’m one of the lucky, blessed winners!

  45. judy harris says:

    shared on FB — already followed Love of Knitting, started following Love of Crochet, and following on Pinterest! <3 y'all!

  46. Tina Moser says:

    I love knitting, and it’s so wonderful the way you’re going to celebrate I Love Yarn Day!

  47. Heather W. says:

    Shared on FB and already follow you on Pinterest! Knitting keeps me sane!

  48. Jenn says:

    Shared on both facebook and twitter. :)

  49. Amanda says:

    I love Yarn!!!!

  50. Juanita says:

    Reposted on FB with a special note to my DIL, Susan who crochets and needs to try your “Love of Crochet” magazine. I really like receiving “Love of Knitting.” It’s the only knitting magazine that my grocery store carries, so even when I’m buying groceries, I’m looking at knitting! Bring on the YARN!!!!

  51. Rachael Norman says:

    Shared on FB! Need/love yarn!

  52. I think I could win a prize for having the most started/not finished projects. Love yarn!

  53. anna says:

    Shared on facebook and liked both pages.

  54. Maggie Faulks says:

    Gotta have a regular yarn fix ….shared on FB and Twitter!

  55. Olwen says:

    There are some lovely colours amongst that yarn!! Good luck to everyone :)

  56. Nicki Jefferies says:

    I just love using really soft unusual yarns which you cannot get in shops,

  57. cindi says:

    Would love to win! I shared your post on my Facebook!

  58. Siwon says:

    Love just sitting there with a needle or a hook and balls of infinite possibilities…
    Shared on Facebook!

  59. beth says:

    I already like on Facebook, and now follow on twitter and pinterest. I shared your post on my Facebook page!

  60. I’m in heaven. It will be unbelievable to have so much yarn and so many ideas to put to use. Yes, yes, yes, I will share this – I am not greedy!!

  61. Debbie Tucker says:

    I Love Yarn Day. Reach me on Facebook.

  62. Jane Runowski says:

    Knitting is my favorite thing to do! :)

  63. Ginger Kay says:

    I followed on Twitter. @AFadedGinger

  64. I think I did it twice!!! :) )) Yay!!

  65. Kathy Koster says:

    Big fan of the Love of Knitting magazine!!
    I can always find great patterns and info
    with each issue!!

  66. Jessica Kelly says:

    I love this mag. You always have great ideas. I am following on Pinterest and shared the link with facebook.

  67. Ashley E. says:

    Shared the link on facebook and twitter, and pinned a few patterns I loved onto Pinterest :) .

  68. Kathy Irwin says:

    I posted your link on Facebook and signed up to follow you on Twitter and Pinterest! Love to have more yarn!!

  69. Kristin says:

    I posted a link on facebook, and I will link on my blog as well.. :) I cross my fingers and hope that I’ll be the lucky one to win.. Knitting is my passion, I use every free minute to knit and quilt.. :)

  70. Cindy says:

    I love contests and will share this on facebook to enter.

  71. Heather Agnew says:

    I follow you on Facebook and shared. I also follow you on Pinterest and repinned a couple of items.

  72. Erin says:

    Yay for yarn! I shared on FB

  73. Lynne says:

    Just getting back into knitting and crochet and a friend put me on to you. What a good friend she is!

  74. Christine L says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway! Yippee for yarn!

  75. Carol says:

    who doesn’t need more yarn:) shared on facebook

  76. Diana Gartland says:

    Shared the link on facebook. Would love to win this!

  77. Carolyn HAGERMAN says:

    Shared the link on Facebook. Would love to win some of this fabulous yarn!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  78. Tammy Buchfelder says:

    I’d love to win! I shared on Facebook & on Pinterest.

  79. Nancy Hannah says:

    I’m sharing on FB! Please yarn fairy pick me!

  80. Dannah says:

    Love the magazine. I’ve put a blog roll link on my site and shared the contest on my facbook page

  81. Linda Rumsey says:

    I’ve shared this comp on Facebook. Can always make room for more yarn!

  82. Kimber says:

    I’m a yarn collector always searching for the perfect yarn for my projects. Shared on FB

    • Kimber says:

      Oh and with Gas at 6.65 a gallon here, that doesn’t leave much extra for anything, so free yarn is a blessing.

  83. Judy Keckler says:

    I love to knit. Please enter me to win yarn!

  84. Bea says:

    Free yarn? Yes please!! Shared on facebook!

  85. Karen Elgas says:

    I also just purchased the Love of Knitting Holiday 2012 issue … LOVE IT ! :)

  86. Amanda says:

    I love yarn, and I shared on Facebook. But they already know I love yarn….

  87. Laurie Colestock says:

    I posted to twitter.
    Would love to win some yarn. Thanks for the chance.

  88. Tammy Prosey says:

    Love your magazine!! Shared on facebook. Thanks!!

  89. Jan Schindler says:

    Just shared on Twitter and FB. i can always use more yarn! :)

  90. Diane padilla says:

    I am addicted to yarn! I am following on Facebook, twitter and pinterest. Sent a link on twitter. What can i say? I really want to win some yarn!

  91. Deby Lake says:

    I have liked you on FaceBook, and posted this contest on my wall. Love your magazine.

  92. Janet Fortman says:

    I have been knitting and crocheting for about 42 years. I started when I was 10 or 11 and have been knitting and crocheting away since. I love to look through patterns and I am constantly checking out yarn sales online. I live in a small town and there is nowhere near here that carries all of the great yarns out there. If I win this yearn I plan to make baby things. I especially love making afghans and giving them to family and friends. I have purchased the magazine and LOVE it!

  93. Janet Fortman says:

    Ooops, forgot – I sharted this on Facebook.

  94. SUSIE says:

    I pinned Christmas stockings . On Pinterest, of course!!
    Love your magazine!!

  95. Meredith says:

    A girl can never have enough yarn! I just reorganized my stash and shared my love with my boyfriend’s daughter! I am sure we could put new yarn to good use.

  96. Ann says:

    Free yarn is like Christmas:) Am on a yarn diet, so free is very, very good….already liked you on Facebook, started following on Pinterest and tweeted…..yarn is so cool! Thank u

  97. I already like you on FB. I pinned my fave recipe for Animal Washclothes under Michelle, and then I shared my pin of FB! Hope I win, I am so running out of yarn! I have been using up my stash for Christmas gifts.

  98. Nancy says:

    I shared on Facebook. Yarn is ALWAYS a good thing — even better to win on I Love Yarn Day! :-)

  99. Sharon says:

    Shared on Facebook. Love yarn have a knitting project at my chairs in the house also do some charity knitting. Love to knit. Sharon. Emai me if I win.

  100. bettye bean says:

    Imagine you are some wonderfully soft beautiful yarn in assorted brillant colors and you are sitting on a shelf in some stock room eagerly awaiting to be shipped to a nice knitter in need of a real boost in her fall stching stash, That knitter is me. I have several projects selected for the yarn you are giving away via the Love of Knitting’s latest issue. I will share my experiences with facebook friends and my knitting club. Thanks for you give away contest.

  101. Dale Rae says:

    Can never have too much yarn – there are so many more projects that need to be done. :)

  102. Anne Sturtevant says:

    I shared on FACEBOOK with my hardcore knitting group: Knitters for NASCAR (more knitting than racing). Yeehaaa!

  103. Dale Rae says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  104. says:

    Shared on Facebook, am truly a lover of fine yarn.

  105. Roberta Immel says:

    Am a yarnaholic thru and thru!! Will share on Facebook.

  106. Kellie Galer says:

    Sharing with all my “Knitting Family” on facebook. Very excited to see the next issue of Love of Knitting…always great, fun projects!

  107. Shirley Phillips says:

    I thought EVERY DAY was “I LOVE YARN” DAY. It is right up there on my list, along with “I LOVE KNITTING” DAY! Yarn is a “must have” item in my life.

  108. Nancy Donals says:

    I love knitting and belong to three different craft groups. All of them are involved with benefitting different charities. It’s a wonderful way to help others and have a great time doing it.

  109. Michelle M says:

    whee! enter me… this is a great contest!

  110. Abby Williams says:

    I have OCD when it comes to knitting! And, I shared on Facebook.

    Thanks Love of Knitting!

  111. Cheryl Self says:

    Sharing on FB so my yarn-loving friends can enter, too. I’m a college student who can barely afford food, so nice yarn is a real luxury that I usually have to skip. I’d love to win!

  112. Katherine says:

    I follow you on Facebook!

  113. Cheryl David says:

    I love knitting and yarn!!!

  114. Filipa Martins e Costa says:

    Love this contest and love the “I love yarn day”! Shared on facebook!

  115. Cynthia Welch says:

    I “liked” Love of Crochet on Facebook and shared the link to the giveaway on my timeline.


  116. Pat O'Brien says:

    IMO, you can never have too much yarn. I can go without many things, but I will not give up my knitting addiction. Love the magazine. I shared with all of my friends on Facebook.

  117. Pamela says:

    I Love Yarn, thick yarn, thin yarn, bright yarn, dark yarn, smooth yarn, bumpy yarn…. Yarn Yarn Yarn let there be Yarn!!!

  118. Kathy Williams says:

    Shared the link on FB. Always find several projects I want to make in each issue! Thanks!

  119. Leslie says:

    I hope I win!

  120. Doris says:

    I am a senior citizen who does alot off charity knitting and crocheting for the unwed mothers, hospitals and nursinging homes. I also knit and crochet for my grandsons and baby gifts. The yarn will help being I am on a fixed income.

  121. Lynette Perkins says:

    I follow on facebook, love your site, love everything to do with knitting, am trying loom knitting, struggling with knitting machine but I always have knitting pins in my hands.
    I am disabled and knitting is my lifeline, Aran is a favourite but I love to see a child’s face when they get a toy knitted with love.

  122. Nora says:

    I tweeted away about this wonderful opportunity! Yarn, it’s so tactile and useful. I love all types of fibers, yarn, fabric, whatever, it’s so much fun to create new things with. Even more fun to create and share by making gifts!

  123. Linda Allen says:

    I shared a link on Facebook. What a nice contest!

  124. michelle523 says:

    I already liked you on facebook and follows all your boards on Pinterest! I repinned great stuff.

  125. Robin McCoy says:

    Love to knit and crochet!

  126. Andrea says:

    Liked and shared on Facebook! I would love for you to deliver me an early Christmas gift. The yarn is causing me to drool! Thanks for the generous give away!

  127. Carol Sorsdahl says:

    I posted it on my Facebook page for my yarnie friends!

  128. Maggie says:

    I <3 yarn! Shared on Facebook!

  129. Amy says:

    I shared the link on Facebook, and am now crossing my fingers and toes!

  130. Susan Bell says:

    Every day is a “I love yarn” day!

  131. Carole says:

    I Love, Love, Love Yarn – Everyday. Buy your mag at Hobby Lobby where I also get most of my yarn. LYS is more than 30 miles away, so would love to receive “free” really wonderful yarn. Going to post on FB now. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  132. Kim K says:

    I follow on Pinterest and pinned the cute coffee cozy pattern!

  133. Lorraine says:

    If I win the wool, I’m going to use it for my charity knitting :) I just LOVE KNITTING….lol

  134. Desiree Hickson says:

    One can never have too much yarn! Shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  135. Sara Gilbert says:

    Sharing of FB and Pinterest. What a great deal!

  136. Helen Mays says:

    I love a great give away.. Lovely Yarn..

  137. Karen Lea Siegel says:

    Liked Love of Crochet – hoping to win (although I need more yarn like I need another hold in the head, but still…yarn!).

  138. Kathy Beaumont says:

    Hi! I Tweeted and FB’d. I liked your FB page a while ago. Happy I love yarn day!

  139. kelli says:

    Love yarn! Sharing this!

  140. Lynne Davies says:

    I have posted this on both Facebook and Twitter and have followed your pintrest boards.

  141. Kathleen Brulc says:

    Sharing on Facebook! What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  142. Lisa Bailey says:

    shared the cabled coffee cozy pattern :D

  143. Angie says:

    I tweeted/twitted it and pinned it.

  144. susan says:

    shared on facebook

  145. Meredith says:

    Yippee! I love yarn! Shared on Facebook!

  146. Sherri says:

    Liked you on FB, liked a scarf from your patterns on FB and now I’m leaving a comment! I guess I’ve qualified for all three! I love your blog!!!

  147. Karen says:

    One can never have enough yarn. I am telling all of my Facebook friends about this!

  148. Donna Houseright says:

    sharing your offer on Facebook is easy! YARN YARN YARNy fun!

  149. Mary McCartt says:

    Sharing! I adore any kind of yarn… much yarn, so little time!

  150. Katie Gillis says:

    I shared a link on facebook! I was looking on Pintrest last night for Christmas gift ideas and found a lot of patterns I would like to try, always good to start early!

  151. Joke says:

    Shared on facebook and pinned it . I would love to win this, desperately in need of yarn!

  152. Janann Gibbs says:

    I love the magazine! I am making lots of knitted gifts for Christmas so free yarn would be a definite bonus.

  153. Tiffany Martin says:

    Joined, shared on Facebook, and commented here! Check, check, check!! :)

  154. Donna says:

    Great idea, thank you! I Pinned you and shared on Facebook for good measure :-)

  155. Laura Courtenay says:

    Wow.What a great giveaway.I would be the happiest person if I won. I have posted it on facebook for everyone to have a go!

  156. Lorraine New says:

    Cannot get enough wool busy knitting two projects at once a baby blanket for my goddaughters new baby and hats for christmas presents xx Never have enough

  157. Vicki says:

    Love to knit and share. Shared this on FB.

  158. Shelly R says:

    I shared on FB!

  159. Gemma says:

    Shared the link to Love of Crochet on Facebook :)

  160. amy winfield says:

    Ive liked love of crochet and shared it on my time line <3

  161. I just pinned the free Cabled Coffee Cozy pattern and shared it on Facebook. I love to knit!

  162. Tina says:

    I love yarn! Shared on my fb page. :)

  163. Deb says:

    I shared this on facebook. I love yarn and spend a lot of time knitting. i would love to win this to help feed my addiction to yarn.

  164. Emily Horacek says:

    Shared on Facebook! Yay for yarn!

  165. Charles says:

    Shared. Love the magazine, because you focus on more than just women’s patterns. Love all the men’s and men’s/women’s patterns.

  166. Bridget Christianson says:

    I thought EVERYDAY was “I love knitting day!!!

  167. I would love this yarn. You can never have too much yarn, too many patterns, or too many knitting needles or crochet hooks!!!!!

  168. I can never have too much yarn, too many knitting needles, crochet hooks, or patterns, magazines with patterns it them. These are my true addictions. No harm to anyone, unless they attack my stash!!!!!!!

  169. Kathryn Allen-Tuttle says:

    I love yarn~there is no such thing as too much! I love knitting and crocheting. I really hope I win.

  170. Bonnie says:

    I am following you on Pinterest and pinned the glimmer and glow cardigan. I plan to make it right away for the cool fall days.

  171. Jenn says:

    I chose to use Facebook and Pinterest.

  172. Mary Ann Herbel says:

    I am a certified yarn addict and shared this on Twitter.

  173. Janise Ross says:

    I’m on a yarn diet. But winning is not the same as buying! ;-) Please let me know that I’ve won via my email.

  174. Diane Vanderwerff says:

    Love Yarn Day – only one day?!?!?! I love yarn EVERY day!!!

  175. Diane Vanderwerff says:

    Me too – oops! I shared on Facebook.

  176. Charly Fontenot says:

    I love yarn…I am another one of the…love to start new projects, but can’t seem to get one finished before starting another one club…so I have 4 projects going right now…and I love it that way…

    I shared on Facebook

  177. Tracy Davis says:

    I follow you on FB. I can’t resist buying yarn, especially when it is on sale. Love making things for charity and gifts for family members.

  178. Denise says:

    I have already pinned quite a few of your patterns.
    I really look forward to getting your newsletters! :o )
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  179. Chelsea W says:

    I follow on Twitter as 580chels and I tweeted:

    Thanks for the chance :-)

  180. Lori Lasbury says:

    Oh my, I JUST got done reorganizing my yarn closets! Where will I put my new yarn?!?! ;) ~ I will just have to start a new stash closet.
    I never knew there was a special day for the “love of yarn”.

  181. Brenda Anderson says:

    I shared on FB. Thanks for the chance. :)

  182. JulieO says:

    recently re-connected with my knitting addiction… I NEED this!!

  183. Emi Duke says:

    I LOVE your magazine! Great info and patterns!

  184. JeniS says:

    My stash is getting low!!!

  185. Vicki Watts says:

    Happy I Love Yarn Day! I celebrate it everyday!

  186. Emily says:

    Shared on Facebook with all my friends! I love this site!

  187. Jan Austin says:

    I am sharing this on Facebook! I love yarn!

  188. CathyD says:

    Started following you on Pinterest since that’s where I’m storing my project ideas and project inspirations. I also shared the link on Twitter since it’s a quick wy to get the word out.

  189. Jan Creps says:

    Love knitting all kinds of items. Happy knitting to everyone.

  190. Julie Grissom says:

    I shared the link on facebook and twitter. I am now following your pinterest pages also!
    Thanks for the opportunity for moooore yaaaarn!

  191. Madeline says:

    I Love Yarn Day! No way! Best holiday ever. In the entire history of Holidays. Wow. (Shared on FB/pinterest).

  192. Paula Corman says:

    I love to knit and the more yarn I have I make baby items and give back…..
    Yarn would be such a perfect gift fo me to give back to my Community….I also share on Facebook.

  193. Catherine Becker Reynolds says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! I shared on Facebook!

  194. Gail Zemper says:

    would love to win!! Sharing on FB

  195. Dawn Marie Hughes says:

    I pin’d and book’d and would LOVE to win yarn….love yarn!

  196. Deb Kegelmeyer says:

    I love Love of Knitting, so glad to find out I can follow you on Pinterest!

  197. Liz Washburn says:

    I shared your contest on Facebook. I love free yarn.

  198. sue shantz says:

    I shared your info on facebook. I was taught to knit and crochet b my Grandmother and Great Aunt Boshie. Last yr I knitted hooded sweaters for my 3 grand kids. Love to knit and crochet!

  199. Fairion says:

    A truly lovely magazine. I followed on Pinterest and shared on Facebook

  200. Laurie A says:

    I love yarn everyday. Would love to win more! Sharing on Facebook right now!

  201. I love yarn, knitting, and crocheting! It’s one of the best ways to show someone you care about them. I’m sharing on Facebook Right ! lol

  202. Love knitting! Still learning, but so excited about trying new things!! Would love to win the giveaway!! Grin!

  203. Lexi D says:

    Knitting addict! Following on Pinterest & pinning patterns there!

  204. Donna Jermain says:

    Love the mag. Love yarn. Facebook share.

  205. Jennifer says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  206. Lorraine Gondek says:

    I want to win free yarn! so I shared on Facebook! Pick me, pick me!

  207. Dee says:

    Shared on Facebook. Would love to win some yarn to use as I try new patterns and techniques.

  208. Candi r says:

    I already “liked” love of knitting but I shared the site on my facebook page! LOVE your magazine! Got to check you out on Pinterest.

  209. Mary Pat Stagen says:

    I knitted Christmas gifts this year, so I need to feed my stash. I’m using Facebook to spread the word

  210. Pam Rapp says:

    I love the magazine and share it with all my knitting buddies…….and theres always room for more beautiful yarn in my stash…….

  211. Miranda says:

    I shared it on Facebook and Pinterest! I don’t knit, but my mother in law does, and she always makes me tons of cool stuff, so if I win I’m giving it to her! Happy Knitting!

  212. Suzanne Pionesa says:

    Pinned a cute hat pattern and shared my pin on FB! I wold love free yarn!

  213. Susan Graham says:

    I have been knitting since I was 4 (60 years now), I really like your magazine, I knit every evening while watching TV, I also go to a knitting/crochet group and help people when they have a problem and also teach. At the moment I am knitting for my grandson who will be here in February 2013. I used to design dolls clothes and not only sewed my wedding dress and veil I knitted my going away dress in linen yarn. I hope I win your competition, that would be great.

  214. Susan says:

    Shared on Facebook to spread the news to all my friends from Knit-n-Natter and the Yarn-bombers – wonderful women who I wouldn’t have got to know if it wasn’t for wool!

  215. Louise says:

    I start knitting at 5 years old. I love wool so much.

  216. Kathie says:

    Thanks from a yarn lover. I posted to Facebook.

  217. Mary S says:

    What’s not to love about yarn? Soft. Squishy. Cuddly. Create-able. And being given away?! All must be right with the world :-)

  218. Jolene Llewellyn says:

    Happy Yarn Day!!!
    With the leaves all stripped from our trees, and the snow threatening to blanket out home, I’ll be locked inside for the winter due to a chronic illness. I couldn’t think of a better gift than some yummy new yarn to keep me busy!!!

  219. Catharine says:

    shared on FB – so many pattern! so little time! need more yarn!

  220. Paula Richwine says:

    I shared this on my Facebook Page. I would love to win! I love to knit!!!

  221. Ariella Ross says:

    I like to knit and crochet! Especially with soft colorful free yarn! I shared on facebook!

  222. ritainalaska says:

    i follow love of knitting on facebook and shared the post on this giveaway to my fb page:!/rita.goshorn. i’ve a fiber fascination i love to indulge … thanx for the chance to win some fabulous fibers.

  223. Mary Kaufman says:

    I shared on Facebook. Knitting and crocheting are such relaxing and rewarding hobbies. My mother taught knitting during WWII and also worked in a yarn shop, so I learned to make doll blankets, etc. at a very young age!! I enjoy knitting for charity as well as for gifts and look forward to reading each issue of Love of Knitting. It would be fantastic to receive a gift of new yarn to celebrate “I Love Yarn Day”!!!

  224. MK says:

    Shared on FB! Could use more yarn to make scarves for women in a local domestic abuse shelter.

  225. sue temple says:

    i just love knitting it gets me through the long dark winter nights

  226. jo shand says:

    I loooooooooove the feel of lovely wool, mmmmmmmmmm heaven

  227. Laurie Hays says:

    I follow, I shared, and I love to knit ♥!

  228. April Gay says:

    I love all my crafts i do it helps me relax and gives me so much pleasure to make items for my family and friends.

  229. Debbie Schrank says:

    Great contest…I’m in! I love your magazine and have shared it with others. Now I get to share it on facebook and pinterest! Thank you soooo much!

  230. Juli says:

    I’m a follower on facebook! Love the posts! Yarn makes me Happy!!!

  231. Meryl says:

    Liked on FB and Pinterest! =) I follow I love Crochet and now knitting as well!

  232. Gradyne Ferguson says:

    I just love yarn – the colors, the texture, the feel, everything, and then watching the yarn become something!!!!!!

  233. Erin says:

    I love love love yarn <3

  234. Vicki says:

    I knit for my 7 grandchildren. I could really use the yarn!

  235. Stefani says:

    Yay for yarn! :-)

    I liked and shared on Facebook.

  236. Kerry Dunn says:

    I have so many projects in your magazine I want to do. This would be a good start!

  237. Becki says:

    Hurray for yarn! I shared the post on Facebook and Twitter.

  238. I love this magazine, and I especially love the wide variety in the patterns offered.

  239. Stephanie Porter says:

    Pinned away! Would love some yarn – being a grad student with a knitting habit isn’t so good for the wallet!

  240. LaDonna says:

    Yay for yarn and I Love Yarn Day! Winning yarn would be the most awesome way to celebrate. I shared the link on both Facebook and Twitter.

  241. Caitlin says:

    Follower on Pinterest and have pinned a few patterns! So many amazing yarns!

  242. I follow Love of Knitting on Facebook (as BearyAnn Pawter)-on twitter (as BearyAnn_Crafts)-and on Pinterest (as BearyAnn)
    I follow Love of Crochet on Facebook (as BearyAnn Pawter)

  243. I shared the post from Love of Crochet on facebook (as BearyAnn_Crafts)
    I shared the Poinsettia Wrap pattern on Pinterest (BearyAnn)

  244. I shared on my personal page ( and on my business page( Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  245. Nikki Brown says:

    Liked page, shared on Facebook & Starting to follow on Pinterest! I just learned how to crotchet, I love it! Thanks so much for the chance :)

  246. Sharon Powers says:

    wow- look at all your comments/fans!! I am new to crocheting, but was happy to find your site on Facebook; which is where I am sharing this!! Thanks for having such a great giveaway!!!

  247. Karen DeLorenzo says:

    Liked page shared on Facebook following on Pinterest thanks for the contest

  248. Karen DeLorenzo says:

    Liked & shared & now pinning! Thanks for the chance

  249. Karen DeLorenzo says:

    Liked and shared thank you

  250. Karen DeLorenzo says:

    Liked and shared

  251. Cristine Cluney says:

    Followed on fb and pinned on pinterest!

  252. Katie Thull says:

    Yes please!!! I can’t wait to hear back :) LOVE ME SOME YARN! Followed and shared on Facebook.

  253. Alexander says:

    I shared your link on my Facebook. Now I’m hoping…

  254. Bianca says:

    Am following on Facebook and Twitter, shared link on Facebook. Hope I have some luck in the giveaway ;-)

  255. Sheelagh says:

    just learning to crochet and looking forward to building up a stash of yarn to match all the quilting fabrics and embroidery silks, so winning this would really help me on my way

  256. love yarn of any kind but this stuff looks lovely

  257. Benedicte says:

    Yay yarn!!!! Facebooked you!

  258. Debra Lee says:

    Following on Twitter an Tweeted. I so love yarn! Needledd at gmail dot com

  259. Kim Cowgar says:

    I liked and shared on Facebook. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  260. Joanne Bouw says:

    I really love yarn! Facebook :)

  261. Dirkje Koenders says:

    It’s Yarn day, Every day! \o/
    Facebooked and Twittered you!

  262. ewa says:

    Yarn yarn yarn, there is nothing better!

  263. Edith Ubeda-Bos says:

    Great blog, lots of inspiration!
    From now on I follow you on Pinterest and i repinned one of the great yarns you reviewed

  264. Just shared link on facebook – would love some yarn – I’m a quilter, but also knit, and use yarn in some of my fabric creations!

  265. karen Perry says:

    I am on FaceBook as Karen Human.

    Ty for this opportunity to be CREATIVE….WOO HOOO

  266. Jennavie says:

    I sent a tweet!!
    Have a yarn-tastic day!!


  267. Janet Higginbotham says:

    Love that word “giveaway”. And I can always use more yarn.

  268. Justine Marie Vickers says:

    I just posted a link to this giveaway on my Facebook page. I’ve been following “Love of Knitting” on Facebook for some time now, but I also just “liked” the “Love of Crochet” Facebook page! (I love to knit AND crochet!) :-D
    - Justine Marie Vickers

  269. Amy M. says:

    I shared this on my Facebook wall! Gosh, I hope I win!

  270. Kim Dwelley says:

    I follow you on Pinterest and have liked your FB page. I pinned the Striped Stockings pattern from your website onto my Christmas Crafts Pinterest board. Would love to win some yarn – lots of gifts to knit!

  271. Stacey Michaels says:

    Tweeted the Glimmer & Glow Patterns from website! I would love to win, knitting is my passion!

  272. syanik says:

    I shared on facebook (and like all on facebook, followed on twitter and pinterest too!)!

    I would LOVE to win some yummy yarns! Always have projects in mind…just not necessarily enough funds in the yarn jar :)

  273. Vickie Yanik says:

    Love yarn and knitting. Love your magazine and I shared on Facebook.

  274. Cindy Enright says:

    To win this would be wonderful. I can already imagine the projects in my mind made from some of this wonderful yarn.

  275. Chris Chambers says:

    I shared on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway.

  276. Nicky Jo Herner says:

    I love your Love of Knitting magazine and would really love to win this yarn! I shared on FaceBook!

  277. Nicole says:

    Shared it on Facebook! :)

  278. Lindsay Gardner says:

    Posted to Facebook! I hope I win!

  279. Judy Phillips says:

    Liked, shared, pinned, and much appreciated. You all feed my yarn addiction so very well!

  280. Renee LaRose says:

    I shared on Facebook! I love knitting and the patterns you post!

  281. Viriginia Phillips says:

    I shared on Facebook and Pinterest. My pinterest page is titled “My Yarn Addiction”, which really sums it up.

  282. Vicky Warren says:

    I shared on Facebook! I NEED a box of yarn! :)

  283. Robyn Rosenberg says:

    I love knitting! I am addicted to it.

  284. Samanth Posey says:

    I love yarn! Free yarn is even better!!! Shared on facebook.

  285. Kim Dean says:

    A girl can never, never have too much yarn!

  286. Elaine Lewis says:

    I need more yarn to knit. Follow you on facebook.

  287. Kim says:

    I love to crochet, so I posted on the crochet facebook page. I liked and shared!!!!!!☺

  288. Gillian Dean says:

    Yarn addicted woman must never pass up a chance to get more yarn!

  289. JenV says:

    I love yarn!!!

  290. Gillian Dean says:

    I pinned this page.

  291. Barbara Turner says:

    I am a beginner knitter and love the help and projects in your magazine. I look forward to gaining skills for many of them.

  292. Shared on FaceBook. A knitter can never have too much yarn!

  293. Rosanna Lovecchio says:

    It would be so nice to win….then I can knit as much as I want!

  294. Bridget Christianson says:

    I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but there is an not for profit organization called The Butterfly Fund who is asking for 4″ squares or extremely soft yarn to make blankets for babies born with a horrific skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. This is a disease where the skin is so fragile (like butterfly wings) that it blisters and wounds with the tiniest of friction, in fact, some children lose large areas of skin, even at birth. I would love to know what are your softest yarns and also durable since they need to be washed often. Thank you!!

  295. Nancy Reed says:

    I’ve never met a yarn I didn’t like!

  296. Laurie Schnakenber says:

    I pinned the Little Miss Muffet pattern! Oh so cute!

  297. Kathy Hall says:

    i’d love to win all the goodies!! i knit for all my family!! shared on fb

  298. jenn weidner says:

    I love reposting photos and jokes about knitting on my facebook page! People have such great additions to express!

    When I win I am going to start Holiday knitting. I have always wanted to knit my familys Christmas stockings. This seems like the perfect jump start to that task!
    What a fun contest.

    I’m reposting to my facebook page.

  299. Did share on Facebook. Will definitely share with other, word of mouth. One can NEVER have TOO Much Yarn! Always love trying new fibers.

  300. Florence says:

    My year of ‘cold sheep’ will be over in 12 days, so this yarn giveway comes at the right time!

  301. loura says:

    I follow on facebook!

  302. Susie J says:

    I love yarna nd love to crochet! I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  303. Kate says:

    I shared on Facebook. I love anything to do with yarn, and could sure add to my stash (who couldn’t, right??) But really the timing couldn’t be more perfect for whoever wins, what with the holidays coming up!! Fabulous giveaway, thanks for the chance!! :)

  304. Kathy Berger says:

    Love your magazine; received my first issue as a gift and am eagerly awaiting the next one.

  305. Dee Sulenski says:

    YARN! I can’t figure out Pinterest, but I LIKE you on FB! Crochet, too!

  306. Great pictures – good inspiration – good patterns – love the international sharing . A great site for keeping up with trends both commercial and homemade. Fun everyday!

  307. Debby says:

    I liked your page a while ago love knitting and have been following, Please email me if i win woohoo! can never have enough yarn and christmas projects are already calling my name

  308. Jenny Greenfield says:

    I shared this on Facebook. I have so many projects going at once and I could use more yarn to start a few more!

  309. Alli Ward says:

    I love this contest and posted it on my Facebook page.

  310. Lori Bott says:

    I <3 Knitting!!!!

  311. Pris says:

    I just pinned the Starry Starry Night Shawl pattern–if I won some yarn, I would maybe use it to knit this shawl. One can never have too much yarn.

  312. Shonda Dorries says:

    I <3 yarn! I <3 knitting!

  313. Melanie Twohy says:

    A big THANK YOU to the creativity of fellow knitters who continue to inspire great projects! Looking forward to more yarn to make these dreams come true! Pinned it!

  314. I shared on FB and I already liked your page on FB.

  315. Karen says:

    I love yarn so much I have alpacas and make my own yarn!

  316. Janet Cole says:

    Shared your page on Facebook and now following you on Facebook thanks to my niece Kate.

  317. Melissa Nazario says:

    Every day is “I Love Yarn Day”! I wish I would’ve known, I would’ve invited friends over and had a knit/crochet party! Guess there’s always next year. . . marking my calendar now.

  318. Melissa Nazario says:

    I shared the post on the Facebook, BTW. I can only do so much social media!

  319. Ruth Moorman says:

    It looks like a nice give away.

  320. ritainalaska says:

    woooo! feed my fiber addiction! i follow on facebook.

  321. ritainalaska says:

    i shared the facebook post on this giveaway to my fb page!

  322. Dena Casey says:

    Shared on Pinterest and FaceBook!

  323. Dena Casey says:

    following on FB and Pinterest!

  324. I knit and/or crochet daily. I love yarn and I love finding a project for every bit I have.

  325. Anne says:

    Shared on Facebook
    Love crocheting & knitting although my knitting skills are very basic

  326. Amanda says:

    I would love to win some free yarn!

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  328. Amanda Wise says:

    Happy I Love Yarn Day!!!

  329. Amanda Wise says:

    Oh following on Facebook and Pinterest :P

  330. Dena Casey says:

    Following on Facebook and Pinterest.
    shared to Facebook
    Would love to win! Good luck to everyone!

  331. I shared this link on Facebook. Pick me!!!

  332. Joy says:

    Following on FB, Twitter and Pinterest, pinned a pattern and shared the giveaway on FB!

  333. Jules says:

    I follow I love Crochet on facebook and I’ve shared about the giveaway on facebook :)
    Oh and I don’t believe you can ever have too much yarn :) :)

  334. Denyse Lee says:

    Love to win free yarn!

  335. Renee K says:

    I shared on my facebook wall and “liked” Love of Crochet on fb! Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary, how cool is that?! You may reach me by email . Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  336. Jenni says:

    I will be out of town oct 13-20th so if i win i wont find out till then.

  337. Amanda says:

    Pick Me!!!!! I love yarn and shared you on FB.

  338. Amy says:

    I need new yarn….I knit and crochet to donate to our local cancer center!

  339. Deryn says:

    I’ve shared on Facebook. Hope I’m eligible to win since I live inNZ. I would love to try some of these new yarns

  340. Camille Lane says:

    Hiiii :O) Oh my goodness I am obsessed with knitting and yarn squeeeeeee! I shared ya’lls giveaway on my facebook page. And, I am a fan of yours in every social outlet …(well except twitter, I hardly ever use twitter–and I dont remember my password lol). Hoping to win this fabulous giveaway!

  341. Kate says:

    Love this idea and this group!

  342. Sheriva says:

    I would love to add to my yarn treasure to knit and crochet throughout the NY winter.

  343. Cheryl A says:

    I shared on Facebook, I love yarn, all yarns

  344. Jennilee Sirois says:

    Love of Knitting is my favorite mag. There is never an issue with a pattern that i don’t like! :)

  345. Lisa J. McCarthy says:

    Just subscribed-can’t wait

  346. Meryl says:

    Happy I love Yarn day!!!!!!!!! <3

  347. Michelle Post says:

    Shared on FB. Been a yarn addict since I was 8 years old.

  348. Kim Baehr says:

    Following on FB, Twitter and Pinterest, pinned a pattern and shared the giveaway on FB

  349. Kim Baehr says:

    Following on FB, Twitter and Pinterest, pinned a pattern and shared the giveaway on FB.

  350. Robyn Rosenberg says:

    I love knitting. Especially making chemo caps for cancer patients. I am going to share this giveaway of facebook.

  351. Charlotte Legare says:

    As a legally blind person, I spend a lot of time waiting for rides and such. Knitting is my favorite go-to for filling up that time and creating beautiful things! I would love to win this yarn!!! Shared on Facebook.

  352. Kristy Moskalyk says:

    I love knitting!!! Got the new issue and love love love it!!! I shared this on Facebook. Thanks so much!

  353. Danielle H says:

    I like you on facebook and I pinned one of your patterns on pinterest. Yay!

  354. I would love to win this giveaway. I love yarn. have a separate room for my knitting supplies. I hope I did all I was suppose to.

  355. Jodi Sheneman-Pettenger says:

    Love to knit! It’s one of my only quiet times. Guess my boys don’t want to bug mom when she’s knitting with pointy needles :) I even have one of my boys interested in knitting and crocheting and he doesn’t care what the other kids think of it either!

  356. Claudia Hopkins says:

    More Yarn!!!! I love to knit with all kinds of yarn. Sharing this on Facebook.

  357. Kathy Hall says:

    i adore yarnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!
    sharing with facebook

  358. Debra Walker says:

    I Love this magazine- as an experienced knitter it holds all the great patterns for novices- beginners, and advanced and they are for REAL people- not models, A real down to earth aspect on knitting for the average person! keep up the great work and let those patterns flow_ Debra Walker- Hayesville, NC

  359. Alexandra says:

    Pinned a few things from your pinterest!

  360. Susan Barnes says:

    Just found you on facebook and am enjoying posts. I shared on Facebook.

  361. Vallerie Edmonds says:

    I shared the link on my facebook. Who doesn’t need more yarn?

  362. Karen says:

    I love to knit!!!! I have taught about a dozen people how to knit, I would love the yarn to share with my knitting buddies!!!!!

  363. Kelly Torrance says:

    Pinterest! Had to share the cute coffee cozies.

  364. Juliet Greene says:

    I have shared this on facebook! I love all your updates and everything you offer the knitting community. Thank you!

  365. Cheryl Self says:

    Shared of facebook. Would love to win this so I could get started with Christmas knitting!

  366. Joan says:

    I follow Love of Knitting on Twitter as @southerncooker and here’s my tweet:

  367. Angelynn Satterwhite says:

    This is wonderful!

  368. Annmarie Raymond says:

    I added a link on my FB page, liked your FB page and followed you on Pininterest.

  369. Melinda Marti ez says:

    I shared this on Face Book and also Pinterest… i made a Board for I love yarn day
    Pinterest Name- Melinda espada-Martinez

  370. With the size of my family that would be a good start on Christmas. I would love it!!!! Thanks

  371. With the size of my family the yard would be a good start on Christmas and I would sure be busy. Would love to win. Thanks

  372. Ladona Pool says:

    I shared on facebook, twitter, and on pinterest!

  373. MARIE ROMERO says:

    Love the website & magazine! I can very seldom purchase the yarns I need for some projects because of limited income….but I do substitute and it turns out pretty great. Would love to win the yarn package!

  374. Shirley Davis says:

    I’ve shared on Facebook.. I’m currently finishing up the Moon Shadows Cardigan from your Fall 2012 issue — Loving it!!

  375. Hanne says:

    Already Like Love of Knitting on Facebook, now I also Like Love of Crochet. Already follow on Pintrest, and now I follow on Twitter too. Pinned a pattern to Pintrest, will pin some more – nice patterns! Shared the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter.

  376. Lynda says:

    This would be great! What a great day! I think it should be a National Holiday! Think we can petition for it???

  377. Sandy says:

    Love the mag, and love the posts on Facebook

  378. Susan James says:

    because winning a prize at the Hill Country Yarn Crawl wasn’t enough!! LOL!

  379. Helen Mays says:

    shared on fb and twitter..

  380. Elena DAiutolo says:

    I love this yarn giveaway! I shared on Facebook, Twitter and followed ‘I Love Crochet’ on Twitter as well! You can never have too much yarn!

  381. Althea says:

    Shared! So excited, this would keep me delightfully busy all winter!

  382. Sharie Blalock says:

    love your magazine ! And would love to win some yarn. Shared on Facebook.
    Thanks for contest.

  383. Nancy Reed says:

    I would love to win some yarn for new projects!! :)

  384. Cathy Holden says:

    I love to have new and different yarns to knit for friends and make hats and scarves for charity. Shared your link on Facebook. Please pick me!

  385. BRENDA GONZALEZ says:

    Following on Facebook and shared link. Would love to win this. Greqt giveaway, thank you for hosting it.

  386. Vicki says:

    I am still learning different stitches. I would love to win a yarn giveaway so I can try more projects!

  387. Phyllis says:

    Thank you for thinking about getting us going, it’s that time of yr when I start knitting again,

  388. Jenn H says:

    Facebook (Jenn Kaleta Hewson) <3 wool knitting!

  389. Caitlin Kalasky says:

    shared on facebook! being an avid knitter winning this would be amazing!!

  390. Karen says:

    Love this as I would have yarn to share with those that “need” it!

  391. Michele R says:

    Shared on Facebook! Love you guys!

  392. Deb Meyer says:

    I love yarn!!! I still have Christmas gifts to make so this yarn will come in handy!

  393. kim hazelrigg says:

    I love yarn and Love of Knitting / crochet are my favorite knit or crochet magazines I shared on FB, pinned, etc :)

  394. Keshia Jacks says:

    Shared via facebook. So excited! ^_______^ <3

  395. Annette Ervin says:

    Thanks! I shared via facebook.

  396. Teri Fladstol says:

    Love, love, love this site!!!

  397. Terri Swift says:

    I posted on Facebook and followed you on Pinterest. I’d already liked you on FB.

  398. Ann Kinderknecht says:

    Follow you on Facebook and tweeted a link…also on Pinearest I follow you….free yarn? That is a dream to a knitter who loves yarn….Happy I love Yarn Day!!

  399. Donna Schmidt says:

    I posted about your contest on Facebook to share with my friends. This is so cool – I’m a total yarn addict!

  400. Donna Schmidt says:

    Umm, the time stamp is off – I posted at 8:16 pm Eastern US time, and it shows after midnight.

  401. I love yarn! The texture, colors & smells when you go into a yarn shop…nothing better. I bought yarn yesterday in appreciation of yarn day.
    I have 2 baby sweaters to finish, then its my turn. Have several patterns picked out so new yarn would be most welcome.

  402. Heidi says:

    Yarn! Live it , dream it, breath it, LOVE it !

  403. stephanie says:

    This is such a great giveaway. There is nothing like curling up on the couch to crochet on a cold fall day. Good luck everyone.

  404. Carolyn Pfeifer says:

    Shared on FB. Everyday is Love Yarn Day for me but so nice for a special day to promote it. I love yarn, I love colors and I love knitting.

  405. Kris says:

    Going from a comfortable yarn stash to nothing has been traumatic, to say the least. Who knew that wool would burn so well? Need yarn…neeed yarn, neeeeeeeeeeeeed yarn….

  406. Marybeth Potts says:

    I shared it on Facebook and also emailed the page to a couple of my friends who are not on FB. Crossing my fingers!

  407. Eliza says:

    OMG I <3 knitting so much!!! Im 15 and i love making things for people its so much fun I hope I win soooo bad!!! Thank you so much for this contest!!!

  408. Kaitlin says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with knitting since learning how to knit in an eating disorder residential treatment center. I followed you on pinterest, and I repinned the honeycomb swing sweater for your jan/feb knit along.

  409. Katie says:

    I love knitting and crocheting in my dorm room on chilly nights :)

  410. Tammy Buchfelder says:

    What a great giveaway!

  411. jody nishida says:

    Did I win??????

  412. Paulette Jepsen says:

    I love to crochet!! I feel blessed to be able to crochet because it keeps me calm! I’m handicapped so I have to be doing something with my hands all the time or my brain goes crazy! LOL! I make Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and most all of the gifts I give are handmade. Keeps me busy throughout the year. I have shared this on Facebook with all of my friends. Hope I win yarn!

  413. I shared on FB! I have been busy making Christmas gifts, and this yarn would be put to good use! My stash is running really low. I’ve already run through my best yarns.

  414. lynda says:

    oh me oh my i love yarns and this would be wonderful to win a stash like this so i could just knit knit knit for my five great grandkids!! whoo hoo i would be the happiest ggma around!! lynda

  415. debbie says:

    . I love to crochet and make cancer hat’s and also make baby hat’s for preeie baby’s. would love to win some free yarn.

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