Free Knitting Pattern for Block #2

Free Knitting Pattern for Block 21 Free Knitting Pattern for Block #2We’ve had a fantastic response to the Year of Yarn program so far, and we are thrilled to see so much enthusiasm about this fun, new project!

If you haven’t heard yet, here’s what’s going on. On the first Monday of each month, we are releasing a FREE knitting pattern for a 12 x 18 inch block knit with a unique ball of yarn. Each block can be sewn together to form an afghan by the end of the year.

The Year of Yarn project is a wonderful chance to learn about new yarns and try out different stitch patterns. Best of all, you’ll end up with a unique, fabulous throw to keep you cozy.

The knitting pattern for block #2 is now available for free download! This easy knitting pattern features Maine Organic Wool from Green Mountain Spinnery. It’s knit with a diagonal stitch pattern, creating a wonderful, soft texture. To learn more about this lovely yarn and to get started on this pattern, click here: free knitting pattern for block #2.

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3 Responses to Free Knitting Pattern for Block #2

  1. Harriet says:

    Where can I get free knitting pattern for Block #1?
    I love this idea. Where can I buy the yarn for block #2?

  2. Rita Helle says:

    Where canI get the patterns for Dec.,Jan.,March, and April? I have misplaced them

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