Knitting Wavy Stitches

Are you ready to try something new? How about wavy stitches? They’re easy and fun and produce beautiful results.

Knitting Stitches Waves Knitting Wavy Stitches










This pretty waves pattern is called Feather and Fan. It may look complicated, but it’s actually very straightforward! The knitting pattern follows a four-row repeat, and just one of those rows includes stitches other than knit and purl. That means you can relax 75 percent of the time, and then focus for one row as you throw in a few yarn overs and decreases to create the waves in the design. You’ll be able to memorize the pattern after just a few cycles. It’s that simple.

I knit this swatch with a fun new yarn I’d never tried before. It’s called Vanna’s Sequins by Lion Brand. I used the color Merlot. The yarn is a lightweight acrylic yarn with a few glittering sequins added in. The sequins don’t overwhelm the pattern but they add a nice touch.

Yarn Knitting Wavy Stitches










You can find this beautiful pattern in the Stitch Dictionary in our Spring Issue. This how-to article also includes patterns for other wavy stitches like Garter Chevron and Zig Zag. You can easily use these patterns to create wonderful scarves and blankets (we give you specifics for these project ideas on page 18). Check it out when you get a chance!


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  1. Elisa Bouza says:

    I will love to have this pattern, it looks nice. Where should I find it?

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