Year of Yarn

Our 2014 Year of Yarn has begun! Our first yarn review is available, and we are now offering a free knit and crocheted block every month. The knit blocks from our 2012/2013 Year of Yarn will soon be available in our Crochet and Knit Shop, so don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to knit along with us last year because you will soon be able to purchase all 12 block patterns.

Ledas YOY Afghan 2012 2013 300x228 Year of YarnOur very talented fellow knitter, Leda, has shared some photos of her finished afghan from last year’s Year of Yarn! She is donating it to a local nursing home, so she knit all of the blocks with a super bulky acrylic yarn to create a warm, machine washable blanket. She adjusted the block patterns to accommodate the heavier yarn so that all of the blocks are still the same size.

We hope you join us in knitting or crocheting the 12 free monthly block patterns during our 2014 Year of Yarn! At the end of the year, we’ll stitch them together for a unique sampler blanket that will showcase the beautiful blocks you created.

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4 Responses to Year of Yarn

  1. Linda Walla says:

    When is the May block coming?

  2. Dorcas Sawyer says:

    I am interested in purchasing the year of yarn patterns from last year, how can I get the patterns, are they available as free downloads?

  3. How can I get the year of yarn block 7, for July?

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