Are you a loom knitter?

It seems that once we get bitten by the knitting bug, we want to try as many variations of the craft as possible. Loom knitting is a fast and easy way to make all kinds of fun projects. If you’re eager to give loom knitting a shot, this handy book will help you get the hang of it.

Loom knitting for mommy and me Are you a loom knitter?

Loom Knitting for Mommy and Me features 10 designs for everyone from beginners to advanced loom knitters. Once you start this addictive craft, you’ll be amazed at how many projects you can stitch up!

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2 Responses to Are you a loom knitter?

  1. kim Dawson says:

    I have never tried it but considered getting one for my 6 year old. He is always interested in crafts and has tried to chain before :)

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