Danielle at Jury Duty! Summer Knit Along

IMG 1392 e1404860516164 225x300 Danielle at Jury Duty! Summer Knit Along
Hi all,
It’s been a busy and hot summer so far, so my Danielle Shawl is going slowly, but I did at least want to show the color change that I got to when I had jury duty! While waiting for four hours in a big room with so much diverse humanity, I was glad I had this project to focus on! Hopefully I will finish this neckerchief before it gets cold enough to need it.

I am finding the pattern easy to remember, even when I go for a while with out picking it up.
Unlike our reader Judy, who found that using a lifeline was necessary with this lace pattern, I am a little more freestyle. If I found that I had made a mistake, by either having an extra stitch before the edging or by being a stitch short, I would just M1 or k2tog for the correct number. It does make a little glitch in the “columns,” but I am ok with that. I figure when it is all wrapped and folded around my neck, it won’t be noticeable.

IMG 1406 1024x768 Danielle at Jury Duty! Summer Knit Along

Also, I found that you could recognize that the sl1 of the repeat was usually pretty loose, which signaled to me that it was the YO from the previous RS row. So as I was going across a row, and the slipped stitch didn’t seem loose, I would go back and see if I messed up the previous RS row.

I am loving my colorway so far, but I would love to see what other people are using! If you haven’t started yet, grab your kit and knit this fun project with us!

IMG 1407 225x300 Danielle at Jury Duty! Summer Knit Along


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  1. knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    I finished my Danielle shawl last night. I need to soak it and block it.

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