Knitting Videos from Love of Knitting

Excited to join the knitting community, but in need of little help getting started? You have come to the right place! The Editors at Love of Knitting have put together 10 videos to get you started with the knitting basics.

Please enjoy our Knitting 101 lessons, made just for you. If you have problems running the videos, click here for troubleshooting tips.

Episode 101 Episode 102
Long Tail Cast-on Knitted Cast-on
The long tail cast on is the most common cast on, creating both a firm foundation, and an elegantly braided finished edge. The knitted cast on is the easiest cast on, creating a springy and flexible starting point.

Knitting is comprised of two stitches, knit and purl. These two simple stitches are worked in a variety of ways to create the beautiful knitted garments you see every day. Let our knitting tutorials help you with the basics, and start you on your way to creating knitted masterpieces.

Episode 103 Episode 104 Episode 105
Knit Stitch Purl Stitch Knit two together
The stitch for which knitting was named! Learn the steps to create your first and most important stitches. The other side of the knit stitch, and a requirement to take your knitting to the next level. Knitting on one side of your projects produces purl stitches on the back side. Let us help you master this second simple step. When you find you have one too many stitches on the needles, making a decreasing is necessary knitting knowledge. As your knitting progresses you will use decreases to accentuate and create patterns in lace knitting. Knit along and learn the most basic and common decrease, also known as a right leaning decrease.
Episode 106 Episode 107 Episode 108
Knit one front & back Slip, slip, knit Purl one front & back
Increasing or adding stitches are an important tool in your knitting bag of knowledge. Useful for a variety of projects and patterns, let us help you learn the easiest knitted increase. Also known as a left leaning decrease, creates an elegant stitch that slants to the left. Vital when working raglan shaping in a garment, or when working on lace, this stitch emphasizes the direction of the stitch, enhancing your knitting. Create an additional stitch on the purl side of your work - by purling into the front and back of one stitch. We show you the steps.
Episode 109 Episode 110
Yarn over Bind off
Increase stitches are designed to blend in and be hidden within your work, but a yarn over is designed to stand out. Useful to create open spaces in lace knitting, it is also an easy way to create a button hole. Let us help you quickly master this easy stitch Binding off is the last step, and creates the finished edge when you are finished. Knit along and we will help you easily master this last step.


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